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Behind The Scenes At backwoods Home Magazine

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Archive for October, 2008

Dave Duffy

In search of a strategy to save freedom

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

This has been very informative reading so far. I’ve also gotten a bunch of email from people who would rather not go on the record in the blog. I’m glad to see so many people putting a lot of thought into their answers without just shooting from the hip about how they would resist to the death.

As I see it, the main problem Americans will face if we get a dictatorial government (which I think will begin in earnest with gun confiscation) is that our own personal resistance may lead to arrest for our friends and relatives. Even if some of us would “resist to the death,” would we resist if it meant prison for our surviving family and friends?

People get kind of sick of the Nazis always being brought up to show how bad things can get, but this is an appropriate discussion to examine what the Nazis did to squelch resistance among the German populace. The Nazis didn’t just arrest the resistor, but they arrested the resistor’s family members all the way out to cousins. They sometimes arrested the resistor’s friends and neighbors. The Nazi’s also liked to arrive in the middle of the night to do their arrests. Such tactics had a chilling effect on the individual German’s willingness to resist. During the Nazi reign, German neighbors often turned in their own “suspicious” neighbors to Nazi authorities in order to protect themselves from guilt by association.

So let me expand on my original question: Even if your are willing to resist, how do you do it if it means endangering your children, your wife, your aunts and uncles, your closest friends? What is the strategy individual people can employ if we are to save freedom for America?

Dave Duffy

When they come to get your guns

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Here’s a hypothetical question:

What will you do, personally, if Government agents come to your door and ask you to give them your guns?

If you don’t want to go public with your answer by commenting on this blog, please send me an email to dave at backwoodshome dot com.

I’m writing a column on this subject for the next issue of Backwoods Home Magazine, and I’d like some input from others. I’ve already asked some neighbors and friends.

If you don’t feel comfortable sending me a comment, please think about what your actions would be. Let’s assume the visit from the Government agents will not be a surprise, as it will have been well advertised in the media, after Congress passes sweeping federal gun control legislation.

A word of caution: Consider your answer without bravado. Remember the story of Bradford Metcalf who went to prison for 40 years for possessing illegal guns and talking about resisting Big Government. It’s serious business when you resist Government and guns are involved, so consider what you would “actually” do, not what you’d like to do.

Dave Duffy

The world of Big Brother

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

Following is an email from LD Shannon of Peyton, Colorado. I think it’s a glimpse into a world into which America is now going — a world in which Big Government bureaucrats control everything. I’m glad BHM was helpful in this case.

We are recent subscribers & now ardent fans!  The advice in Backwoods has, literally, saved our lives as we had a major shock hit us this week.

We received a letter from the State of Absurdity (names changed to protect the guilty) that they had placed liens on all of our accounts because we had not paid enough in taxes to the tune of $81,000.  Problem is – we have not lived in that state for four years and their information was flat dead wrong!

Correcting faulty information would be simple enough …  if a ‘police’ state followed due process and had actually NOTIFIED us prior to these illegal seizures.  We had NEVER heard a peep from these bureaucrats before in our lives!

I am a disabled vet and have days where I can barely get out of bed.  We have four children, one  a son with down syndrome who requires plenty of extra care, ie, we have enough on our plate without this brand of bs dropping out of the sky!

Now comes the good part.

After our initial shock, after our calling these nut-cases in the state of absurdity with no success at all in explaining their irrationality, well … after all that my wife and myself looked at each other and began to laugh!

That is because we have built a heck of a pantry to feed our family.  We have chickens laying near a dozen eggs a day.  I am pretty handy with a rifle and have put down a deer and in the next few weeks expect to harvest a buffalo and two elk.  We have gallons of homemade wine.  And finally, and most importantly, we have cash.  Not in the bank … cash in hand!

We’ll straighten out the nut-cases.  And yes, we’ll probably have to pay some lawyer to prove our innocence and never get an apology or that fee refunded when we prove them wrong.

But because we have read and followed the great advice from all of you at BHM we have the best sleep-at-night insurance one can buy – self reliance!

This illegal seizure of property is a sign of the times, Dave.  The Federal government created this mess and is now taxing the bejesus out of us all to try and bail out a sinking ship.  State Governments are feeling the trickle down choke and are deciding to take it out on the citizenry.  And this is just the beginning of this g## damn mess.

Thank you for showing the way, Dave … thank you and all your writers and staff for helping all of us build our ‘ark’ so we can survive and thrive these coming bad times.

God bless you and all the staff of BHM, Dave.

LD Shannon
Peyton, CO

Dave Duffy

We are ending the Lifetime Subscription

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

I’ve decided to end BHM’s Lifetime Subscription in light of the looming inflationary depression facing America. Only a few months ago we raised the price of a Lifetime Subscription from $500 to $600, but I think the inflation that is bound to take place during the next few years makes the offer a risky gamble for BHM.

We’ll accept any Lifetime Subs until publication of the next next issue (Jan/Feb 2008), when we’ll officially announce its termination. In the same issue, I also plan to suspend 4 and 5-year subscription offers, offering only 1, 2, and 3-year subscriptions.

It is only prudent for BHM, I think, that we offer products we can profitably service in the future. Our current number of lifetime subscribers is about 230. I don’t think it’s wise to go more than about 500. Also, the 4 and 5-year subscriptions could become a problem if inflation really takes off. As the economy settles down, I will offer these subscription options again.

This is part of my response to the passage by Congress of the $850 billion bailout package for Wall Street. As we are all part of the American economy, I think most small businesses will adopt options similar to what I am now implementing. The next several issues of BHM will encourage readers to prepare themselves along the lines I am preparing BHM.

Dave Duffy

The brighter side of life

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Dave Duffy

Socialists take over America

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Without firing a shot, the socialists took over America today when Congress passed the $850 billion bailout package. Most Americans slept through it all and probably won’t realize what happened for years.

Backwoods Home Magazine will, ironically, benefit because Americans are going to have to be more self-reliant than ever. The magazine has just become the best buy in town when it comes to Americans spending their soon-to-be scarce dollars. I didn’t want to get rich this way, but I guess it doesn’t really matter. The all powerful Government will soon tax most of it away anyway and we’ll all be working for pennies.

But what the heck! Wall Street and the banks will be making money, right. At least for six months to a few years. With the Government’s new powers to control what we used to call capitalism, the politicians can float their friends on Wall Street for quite a while. The rest of us, unfortunately, will have to be hunkered down with back issues of BHM trying to figure out how to be more frugal with what money is left over for us.

It’s been fun being a free capitalist all these years. Too bad it had to all end today. Click here to subscribe to BHM so you can prepare for a grimmer future.

Here’s how members of the House of Representatives voted today to pass this nation-changing legislation.

Dave Duffy

Bailout swindle edges closer to reality

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Well, the Senate passed the bailout, now estimated to be as much as $850 billion with all the pork added on. The House is expected to vote on it Thursday night or Friday morning. The socialists among us must be licking their chops. Their moment of taking over America is about to arrive, they must think. Maybe it will when the House votes.

Here’s another guy, Dave Ramsey, who has his head screwed on pretty straight when it comes to this bailout. He doesn’t subscribe to Ron Paul’s fix, namely, let the market go through a correction, but he agrees the bailout currently under consideration in Congress is a very bad idea.

Dave Duffy

Voting for a Depression, rather than a Recession

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Well, shortly after sundown today, our Congresscrooks, starting with the Senate tonight, will begin voting to send us into an economic Depression by bailing out banks that should be allowed to fail. Their only alternative to voting for this new porked-up $700 billion bailout is to vote against it, let the banks fail, and allow the country to suffer through a brief – maybe one year — recession. But I don’t think they’ll do the latter because they’re up for reelection Nov. 4, and they care more about their jobs than they do about the country. Plus, many congresscrooks are too economically stupid to do anything but follow lockstep behind the congressional leaders who are whipping them into a herd like they are so many dumb cows.

What congressional leaders have done for this evening’s vote is to add porkbarrel spending to the bill so that wavering congressmen can suck down a little more Government money. That should get them to vote for this bad bill, the leaders figure. What a sorry day for America if this passes. Big Government will be much bigger and our individual freedoms will be much smaller. If the bill passes, our financial future as a country will appear to be better temporarily, but it will actually have taken a tremendous body blow.

If the bill passes, look forward to big financial inflation in your future. The only way the Government will be able to pay its bills will be by printing more money. For those of you about to go into the social security system, look to a financial future of bleakness. Someday soon the Government will start slowing your cost-of-living increases as it inflates the money supply. It will have no choice, and those younger voters of the future will demand it. You’re all doomed to poverty.

Look for prices of all sorts to go up. As the value of the dollar plummets, most things will cost more. The staples of life, such as food, will be severely affected. Electronics should be okay because they benefit from continuing innovation and improved techniques of manufacture, but food prices will not. Food is adversely affected by inflation, plus Government programs that encourage things such as ethanol production will take farm land out of production, putting even more pressure on food prices.

I went out over the weekend and bought a lot of food and supplies to weather the coming Depression and inflation of prices. That’s my immediate personal strategy. The next three issues of Backwoods Home Magazine will concentrate on the emerging Depression and give you strategies about how to cope. If you think you could use such advice, click here to subscribe. Also, click here to immediately begin reading some articles that will help you plan for what’s coming.

Here’s an interesting interview from today of Congressman Ron Paul by Fox’s Neil Cavuto. Paul would be a good President, but his own Republican party treats him as an outsider because he doesn’t play the Demopublican game of Swindle the Taxpayer.


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