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Behind The Scenes At backwoods Home Magazine

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Archive for July, 2009

Dave Duffy

Living and fishing

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Had a pain in the center of my chest and a fairly severe headache on the right side this evening. It was nearly identical to the pain I felt nearly four years ago, when my body first told me I had heart disease requiring triple-bypass heart surgery, which I had six weeks later. It’s probably nothing to worry about. But I’ll call my doctor tomorrow and get a few tests, just in case I’m being given the chance once again to make a preemptive strike against death.

Funny how we perceive things as we grow older. I’m 65, in good shape except for my heart disease, and I’ve got a good outlook on life with a lot of work left to do. A pain in the center of my chest, for me, is just a reality check. I’ve already had a good life, founded BHM, and have a great family. I’m on “extra” time.”

That’s compared to many measures: My father’s lifetime was 57 years; he was born in 1907. The average life expectancy of people born in the U.S. 100 years ago was about  50 years. (It’s 76 to 81, depending on gender, today.) In 1900, the world life expectancy was only about 30 years (today, it’s about 64). During the Roman Empire, Romans had an approximate life expectancy of 22 to 25 years. So I feel fortunate to have lived in the modern era. I’ve already lived three times longer than the Romans.

The wind here is expected to die down (what a pun!) Wednesday, so Silveira and I will go out on the Pacific Ocean and try to catch a ling cod, or at least a big black rock fish.

Dave Duffy

Tenth Amendment Movement

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Here’s a good article about Libertarians, Free Staters and the Tenth Amendment Movement. We’ve got an article on the Tenth Amendment Movement in the upcoming issue. It has become Part XI of our Coming American Dictatorship series.,2933,534841,00.html?test=latestnews

Dave Duffy

Buy a car, get an AK-47 free

Saturday, July 25th, 2009
Sometimes you find a gem in spam. I deleted about 300 pieces of spam before I discovered the following, which I thought was worth sharing:

A Butler, Missouri, car dealer named Mark Mueller is giving away an AK-47 with every new truck he sells, and this CNN reporter throws every liberal cliche at him in her interview.  Doesn’t faze him for an instant!  If you’re for gun rights, you’ll enjoy this video.  A few seconds of it appeared on Fox, but the good stuff is here


Dave Duffy

The final days of deadline for No. 119

Friday, July 17th, 2009

We’re in the last day or two of deadline for Issue No. 119. I just finished my commentary, and Annie is putting the final touches on the rest of the issue. Hopefully, we can finish by midnight but I’m not sure. As usual, it’s a mind-boggling amount of work, but Annie is bearing most of the load now.

Here are a couple of nice reviews of BHM and its website. The “Libertarian rants” referred to are, of course, written by me:


Dave Duffy

Recharging with Letters to the Editor

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

We’re on deadline. Annie, Lenie, Lisa, Rhoda, and Silveira are doing most of the work, but the task of arranging and answering Letters to the Editor always falls to me.

I enjoy doing it, even though it is a lengthy process due to the volume of letters we get. The letters had to be sorted down to the three pages Annie allotted in this issue. I always start out slow reading them, then get charged up as I see the passion in how our readers view BHM. I restrict myself to answering only a few, as I think injecting myself too much is inappropriate.

By the time I’m finished with the letters, which I did just a few minutes ago, I am fired up. BHM is appreciated by its readers, and I have to make sure its quality stays high. That’s a responsibility Annie has largely taken on, but it is still my responsibility too.

As has been the case for the last 20 years, we are woefully behind making the deadline for this issue. But we’ll get there. Thank God I don’t have to do the job anymore of editing the rest of the magazine.

I’ll write my editorial for the issue in the next day or two, while I’m taking my son, Robby, and his friend, Matt, to Klamath Falls for a two-day golf tournament. That’s where my heart is — in youth golf and the life lessons it teaches. But I’ve got my editorial in my head — just got to get it on paper.

Dave Duffy

Come see us at the Curry County Fair and help us support our youth golf team

Friday, July 10th, 2009


Backwoods Home Magazine has a booth at the Curry County Fair, which is in its second of its four-day run in Gold Beach, Oregon. The golf team members are manning the booth. If you’re in the neighborhood, please drop by.

We’ll sell you a raffle ticket for $2, which lets you putt for a whole bunch of good prizes, such as the Whole Sheebang, golf passes to three local courses (Salmon Run, Cedar Bend, and Bandon Crossings), Subway sandwiches, and a whole bunch of other stuff. We’ll also sell you a T-shirt, anthology, and even a subscription or renewal to the magazine.

We’re giving the proceeds to the Backwoods Home Youth Golf Team which we helped start this summer.

By the way, if you win one of the six golf passes, and need a playing partner, I’ll play with you.


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