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Behind The Scenes At backwoods Home Magazine

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Archive for March, 2010

Dave Duffy

A demonstration of CNN’s bias

Monday, March 29th, 2010

I’ve said time and again that the mainstream media is heavily biased in favor of liberals, or as they like to be called now, progressives. The media pulls off their bias in all sorts of clever ways.  Here’s a link to a blog post that Annie sent me that demonstrates the bias of CNN.

Dave Duffy

AB 390 will legalize marijuana in California; the new Republican Party should support it

Friday, March 26th, 2010

The bill is called AB 390, and it would make it legal in California for an individual to possess one ounce of marijuana. It will be on the California ballot Nov. 2. If Republicans are smart, they’ll be on the “yes” side of this bill. Most Tea Partiers will be, I expect, just as most Libertarians like me will be. This is a big opportunity for Republicans to show that they can become more responsive to the will of the people.

This is one of those issues that will help redefine who the Republican Party is. If they want to take back Congress and help restore freedom in America, they’ve got to get on the right side of issues like this. If they don’t, then the Tea Partiers will form third parties and the Republicans will go the way of the Whigs. After all, part of this bill is about freedom: I can take care of what I ingest into my own body without Government telling me what to do.  I do it with alcohol, and I can do it with grass.

The bill stipulates people must be 21 years or older “to possess, cultivate, or transport marijuana for personal use.” You could not use the drug in public or within the presence of minors, and you would not be allowed to possess it on school grounds.

Money may help Republicans get behind this bill. It stipulates that the marijuana would be taxed $50 per ounce sold to help reduce California’s $20 billion deficit.

Dave Duffy

This blog will combine with Lenie’s

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Later this week we’re going to combine my blog with Lenie’s, and also we’ll open it up to Annie and Lisa for their input into some of the behind-the-scenes goings-on at the magazine. Annie will keep her blog,, but we’ll link to it in the blogroll at the right rather than display it on the Home Page. That will leave the BHM site with four active blogs. Right now Mas’s, Claire’s, and Jackie’s blogs are working out well because they post to them often, but the other blogs are simply not active enough. I think it’s better to have fewer blogs that post often than too many blogs that post infrequently.

Dave Duffy

Deadline, deadline, deadline!

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Who has time for blogs when it’s deadline? Annie came back from pneumonia and put in five straight 12-hour days. Lenie even longer. I just got home from the office at 7:51 pm and they’re still at the office. There oughta be a law that we don’t have to work this hard! Maybe I should form a union or become a Democrat. Yuk! Yuk!

Dave Duffy

Claire Wolfe’s “Hardyville” coming up

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

We may be on deadline for the next issue, but we’re also tackling other projects. One especially important task we’ve been working on is publishing the upcoming book, Hardyville, by Claire Wolfe.

Claire has written for BHM’s print issue off and on since 2001 (Issue No. 70). She has been a regular columnist since Issue No. 106. Her Hardyville series began online at her own blog (now discontinued) years before she began writing for BHM, and the series was renewed at the Backwoods Home Magazine website on Oct. 15, 2003.

This is a timeless collection of stories about freedom in a small town. We thought we’d have it published by now, but Annie’s illness, production of our two big anthologies 15 and 16, and now deadline for the next issue have all conspired to delay things.

But our Rhoda Denning has finished proofing Claire’s manuscript for typos and such, and we should get it to the printer by the end of March.

Claire, by the way, began a new blog Jan. 20, 2010 on the BHM website.

BHM Associate Editor Rhoda Denning has been proofing Claire Wolfe's upcoming book, Hardyville.


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