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Archive for December, 2011

Dave Duffy

Ron Paul is a disaster for Republicans and Democrats, but not for America’s freedoms

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Dick Morris, the former Bill Clinton campaign manager and now Fox News analyst and Republican strategist, warned yesterday of “horrific consequences for the GOP” if  Ron Paul wins the GOP nomination.

Morris said: “Ron Paul remains terrifying. He is really the ultimate liberal in the race. He wants to legalize drugs, repeal the Patriot Act, slash our military spending, pull out of Afghanistan… On these issues, he’s way, way to the left of Obama. What makes him a conservative is hard to tell. But, whatever he is, he would be a disaster as the Republican candidate. ”

This is a fairly true statement, and the Republicrats (my term for the Republicans and Democrats, who barely differ from each other in my estimation) are finished if Ron Paul gets elected President.

Ron Paul is terrifying to the old guard of the Republican Party precisely for the reasons Dick Morris states: “He wants to legalize drugs, repeal the Patriot Act, slash our military spending, pull out of Afghanistan…” That is exactly what we need to do!

Legalizing drugs will end the drug war, thereby breaking the drug cartels, emptying our prisons of marijuana users, and undercutting the corruption of our police, judiciary, and political system that attends the drug war.

Repealing the Patriot Act will help restore our personal liberties. The Patriot Act would have put all our Founding Fathers in prison, just as it can put any one of us in prison for all sorts of vague conspiratorial crimes.

Slashing our military spending and pulling out of Afghanistan will go a long way toward eliminating America’s debt. We are in 120 foreign countries right now, not just Afghanistan. Getting out of Afghanistan is just the tip of the iceberg. Ending our role as the policeman of the world would bring all that money back home. Europe, Japan, and everyone else should pay for their own defense.

If liberals like these ideas too, that’s fine! Libertarians like Ron Paul and I have always believed many liberals share important Libertarian concepts.

“What makes him a conservative is hard to tell,” Dick Morris says.

It’s his fiscal stance, Dick! His insistence that we live within our means! That we neither pay for those who are unwilling to work nor pay for those crony capitalists who contribute to the Republicans and Democrats’ campaign coffers. It’s a novel idea for many hard core Republicans and Democrats, I know. But it’s our Founding Fathers’ idea: America should offer opportunity, not handouts for loafers or favoritism to political allies.

And here is another reason why he is a conservative: It’s his insistence that we live within the limits of the U.S. Constitution. It’s the greatest (though imperfect) document ever written. That’s why the Tea Party movement was spontaneously born. Note the word “spontaneously.” Enough of us are still left who want freedom above everything else, even security, that we ignited “spontaneously” as a political movement.

That’s why Ron Paul has caught on with both conservatives and liberals who value America’s freedoms above all else. And that’s why both old guard Republicans like Dick Morris and Newt Gingrich and old guard Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama are scared stiff of us.

We who support Ron Paul don’t want a Republican or Democrat victory. We want America saved!

Dave Duffy

Backwoods Home will sponsor Self Reliance Expos, launch radio show in the new year

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Going Kindle is not the only significant move Backwoods Home Magazine is up to these days. We’ve decided to become a major sponsor of the Self Reliance Expos put on by Red Shed Media Group.

If you have attended any of the recent Self Reliance Expos (Salt Lake City and Denver were our last two), you may have met the ubiquitous presences of Ron Douglas and Scott Valencia, the organizers of the shows. They are two of the major principals of Red Shed Media, and I have been impressed with their ability to put on successful preparedness-type shows. Their shows are the only really successful efforts in the 10 or so years since Dan Chittock’s pre-Y2K preparedness shows ceased.

The next Self Reliance Show will be February 10-11 near Dallas.

Dave Duffy

Backwoods Home just went live on Kindle

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

BHM went live on Kindle today. Here is the direct link to the magazine.

This is a big deal for us. April Roeske and Sam Duffy on Annie’s staff made it happen. Anyone in the English-speaking world can now subscribe to BHM through Kindle. However, current print issue subscribers will not be able to switch their current subscription to a Kindle one since the money for the Kindle version is handled by Amazon, not us. We are not in the money loop, except to get a check from Kindle every now and then for a percentage of the sales price.

Annie announced the launch on BHM’s Facebook page, and we already have a bunch of “likes” and “shares.” In the announcement, she asked BHM’s fans to go to our Amazon Kindle page to “like” our product there and leave a quick review of the magazine. A number of people have already done that.

Prices are:
US: $ 1.99/month, $7.99/issue
UK: GBP 1.99/month, GBP 7.99/issue
ROW: $1.99/month, $ 7.99/issue

ROW means rest of world, I think. GBP means Great Britain pound, I think. Amazon sets the price, not us. We’re just going along for the ride.

As I understand it, when you start a Kindle subscription, you don’t pay the whole thing up front. There is a free trial period, then the monthly subscription fee kicks in. Amazon will keep charging $1.99/month until the subscriber cancels. Since we’re bi-monthly, that means there are two charges for every one issue, so the per-issue price is $3.98 (comparable to our print issue price of a little over $4 each for subscribers). This is about $24/year.

This is cheaper than the newsstand price of $5.95 per issue for U.S. citizens, $7.50 for Canadians. It’s way cheaper for subscriptions for foreigners. With the print issue, we have to charge the regular subscription price of $24.95 per year, plus mailing costs of $18 per year for Canada, $30 a year for Mexico, and $50 per year for most other places. So this is where the savings really are for potential readers. It remains to be seen how many foreigners (or U.S. citizens overseas) want to read BHM. We’ll have to figure out a way to let them know we are available on Kindle.

Single issues or subscriptions will be available on the Kindle, Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle DX, Kindle (2nd Generation), Kindle (1st Generation), Kindle for iPad (Version 2.8 or later), Kindle for iPhone (Version 2.8 or later), and Kindle for Android.

Next, I think we’ll put one or two of the BHM anthologies on Kindle.

Dave Duffy

It’s all about big abusive government

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

This is a great story:

It really is ALL ABOUT a government out of control.


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