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Dave Duffy

Humless saves the BHM editorial!

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Big windstorm tonight and we’ve had a power blackout in my part of southwest Oregon for the last few hours. I’ve been happily working away thanks to my Humless Sentinel portable power backup system so I can finish my editorial which is due tomorrow morning.

I’ve got my computer and a light plugged into it, and have just now plugged in my Droid and electric lantern to recharge them. Very handy! I’m glad Humless decided to advertise with the magazine. Everything is completed for the next  issue except my editorial and John Silveira’s Last Word column. Oh, oh! John doesn’t have a Humless. Let him explain that to Annie in the morning.

5 Responses to “Humless saves the BHM editorial!”

  1. Pat Says:

    Thanks, I’ve been wondering about the Humless. Two questions:

    1) Approximately how long is the charge supposed to last? (Couldn’t find any estimate for that.)

    2) Is it bought only from the company, or can it be found at a retail store?

  2. Sue Says:

    Now that’s cool…we carry those 🙂 and I know the Humless are supposed to be the best…but I don’t have one yet! worth working toward!!

  3. Dave Duffy Says:

    You’ll have to check the Humless website for that info ( This is the first time I’ve had to use it, after trading for it several months ago with some advertising in the magazine. I don’t even have a manual for it yet. I understand you can now download the manual from online at their website.

  4. Charlie Brown Says:

    It seems like a nice (if pricy) UPS but it seems like it’s stretching the English language a bit to call it a generator, since it doesn’t generate energy, it stores it as DC then inverts it to AC. The power it stores has to be generated elsewhere by other equipment.

  5. Dave Duffy Says:

    I agree. I would have dropped the word generator if I was naming the device.

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