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Dave Duffy

A chocolate Lab puppy

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

Lenie with Damon

Lenie and I  picked up our new puppy yesterday, a 7-week-old Chocolate Lab named Damon. Our marvelous old Black Lab, Molly, had died the day after Christmas last year so we’ve been looking forward to this day. Damon, as you might suspect, is a little chewing machine, especially attracted to sneaker laces and computer wires.

8 Responses to “A chocolate Lab puppy”

  1. Kentucky Packrat Says:

    Calling a Lab a chewing machine is like calling me just a little hefty… 🙂

    Friend of my dad had a Lab get mad about being left at home alone. They came home about 3 hours later, and the dog had chewed completely two 3″ diameter oak table legs.

    I can’t say much. We own a Boston Terrier able to chew up “Labrador-proof” toys, so we know a little about chewing monsters. We’re just lucky all she chews is stuff she “knows” are her toys (she occasionally latches onto dropped pens and older socks).

    I miss Labs, just can’t own one with our homeschooling and small backyard.

  2. Miss Iris Says:

    I think Lenie already loves Damon! Keep us posted on his progress! What a beautiful dog…sorry about Molly…they really become a member of the family.

  3. jackie clay-atkinson Says:

    Awwwww…. I remember when our Lab was that little! Yep, he did chew, but we gave him plenty of “his” toys and big bones and he soon learned what was okay and what wasn’t. And he turned out to be SUCH a good dog. I’ve had Labs since I was a kid at home and they’re truly great dogs.


  4. Claire Says:

    Adorable picture, guys! I’m so glad you got another dog — and so glad you have the patience for a Lab puppy.

    If it’s any help, I hear that the Optional Brain Module arrives sometime before their third year. 🙂

  5. Holly Says:

    My family’s first Black Lab was “Molly”. Trained by my dad – a good duck dog. The second black lab “Duke” also trained by my dad, was a phenominal duck dog…..I mean triple blind retrieves on hand signals and a good nose (for a Lab) to boot. After 12 years with a German Shepherd (also a great dog) we are back to a Black Lab – “King”. He was trained by my husband and “tackled” his first Canadian goose as a two year old. He is now 7 and an excellent pheasant dog. (We can hunt them at home – have to travel to get ducks). He is also a house/farm dog. He follows the tractor/will ride IN the loader and can be left in the house for 10 plus hours. Nothing gets chewed up, he stays out of the garbage and outside of a lot of hair he leaves stuff alone. Teach them what their toys are and spend some time training them and life is sooo good! Best of luck with your pup……..Labs are the greatest!

  6. Kary Herbel Says:

    Hi Lenie and Dave,

    I commented a long time ago when Molly was in dire straights, and then I a personal e-mail from Lenie, and then I got to meet Dave, but not Lenie, at the Puyallup Fairgrounds, WA ,this past summer. I was supposed to get back to you after that, but I was so behind in my work after taking a whole weekend off (was only going to take Saturday off, but then took Sunday off too, when it was so much fun!)

    But when I saw this puppy picture, I thought, “Hope springs eternal!” —- and I just had to write.

  7. Holly Says:

    Friendly, yet there when you need them! Since I commented someone tried to break into our house when we were out. They damaged the internal workings of a heavy door knob AND bent the steel door in the area of the knob. The Digital deadbolt above it held, but they may have gotten in had they been persistant…..However – King was inside and he makes a LOT of noise when anyone comes in and sounds like a dog most people would not want to mess with when he speaks up!! We have not found anything missing and would not have even known had it not been for the damaged knob……

  8. Rod Mayberry Says:

    You should see these akc chocolate lab puppies

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