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Dave Duffy

15 FREE Kindle eBook and back issue downloads for Jan 10-11 (Thursday and Friday)

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Tonight at midnight begins our largest ever Kindle eBook giveaway. It includes 6 eBooks and 9 eBook back issues. This giveaway will last for two days, Thursday and Friday, January 10 and 11. Here are the links.

Self-reliance: Recession-proof your pantry

Ask Jackie: Pressure canning

Ask Jackie: Homesteading

Ask Jackie: Homestead cooking

Ask Jackie: Gardening

Ask Jackie: Animals

Backwoods Home Magazine – Jan/Feb 2010 (#121)

Backwoods Home Magazine – Mar/April 2010 (122)

Backwoods Home Magazine – May/June 2010 (123)

Backwoods Home Magazine – July/Aug 2010 (124)

Backwoods Home Magazine – Sept/Oct 2010 (125)

Backwoods Home Magazine – Nov/Dec 2010 (126)

Backwoods Home Magazine – March/April 2011 (#128)

Backwoods Home Magazine – May/June 2011 (#129)

Backwoods Home Magazine – Nov/Dec 2011 (#132)

90 Responses to “15 FREE Kindle eBook and back issue downloads for Jan 10-11 (Thursday and Friday)”

  1. Ruth Dixon Says:

    Wish I had a kindle… I only have a nook. Oh well, congrats to all winners!

  2. Cindy Says:

    Midnight eastern or pacific?

  3. Billy Joe's Food Farm Says:

    I am SO excited about these! Thank you so much.

  4. Jeanette DeLoach Anteola Says:

    Thank you so much! I found I actually already had a couple of them, but what a blessing to be able to download such a wealth of info!

  5. Josh Curtis Says:

    hey thanks for doing this. its appreciated.

  6. Jim Twiford Says:

    What a wonderful gift from my favorite source for Self-reliance. I have loved BACKWOODS HOME for years and they will stay number one. Thank you for all you do and the GREAT “JACKIE” books.

  7. Michelle Says:

    awesome thank you Dave!!!! It’s like Christmas all over again!

  8. Terri Says:

    Of all the magazines in the world, yours is the BEST. It is so very generous of you folks to make available so many past back issues. Due to family circumstances and moving around the last few years, I was not able to buy these on news stands as usual. Thank you and many blessings!

  9. Billy Joe's Food Farm Says:

    So excited to have these, thank you so much!

  10. Suzan Says:

    Very grateful for your generosity! Have been a BHM fan (and sometime subscriber) since your 2nd year of publication, and still have most of the magazines we received (shared some with others). Looking back, the info you presented then is every bit as relevant and helpful now. So keep up the good work!

  11. Melvin Richter Says:

    Very generous of you. Many thanks.

  12. Steve Says:

    Thank you very much for these ebooks. Love your work!

  13. Shireen Says:

    Very much appreciated … thank you!

  14. LisaWilson Says:

    Thank you very much. I want to be able to get all your materials& am working on it. Don’t ever quit publishing your magazine. It is one of excellence.

  15. Catalpa Says:

    This is wonderful, thanks so much! Someday I hope to get a Kindle; in the meantime I’m using Kindle for pc on my netbook and the Kindle app on my iphone. Now no matter where I go, I have great reading close at hand.

  16. John McGill Says:

    Thanks so much folks, I bought a Kindle subscription as soon as they became available. There is no magazine like yours in the country and I’m happy to be able to support it. Can’t wait to put some of this info to use. An enterprising neighbor just got our township code changed to allow chickens!

    Best of luck!

  17. Mullins Croft Farm Says:

    Thanks so much I subscribe and have bought some of the books hard copy but to have them on my kindle is even better! Thank YOU!

  18. Ray Says:

    Thanks Dave ! Much appreciated.

  19. The Freeholder Says:

    For those without a Kindle, there are apps for most devices that will allow you to read Kindle books, plus one to allow you to read them in a browser. Don’t miss out just because you don’t own a Kindle.

  20. Larry Says:

    Too bad these all go to a Kindle Cloud Reader with no other downloading option. I can read such files on my Fedora system but this delivery method doesn’t seem to deliver to my system. Oh well.

  21. Nicole Says:

    This is awesome! Thanks! These will be perfect when we get settled into our new off-grid homestead! Check it out…. – We already have the anthologies – Now I’m even more excited about the Ask Jackie books. Thanks again!

  22. Crystal Says:

    Wow!! Thanks a bunch – such great info to keep me reading on through the winter!

  23. bill Says:

    you can download the kindle reader software for your computer to read these if you don’t have a kindle. I think there is also a kindle reader app for the new nooks but you may have to mod them somehow to get it working.

  24. Darlene Says:

    Words cannot express my gratitude!! Plenty of good bedtime reading till my next new issue arrives.
    Many Thanks,

  25. Pam Says:

    Thanks so much

  26. Jon Says:

    For those that don’t have a physical Kindle, download Kindle for PC from the Amazon website to enjoy these wonderful publications.

  27. Wade Says:

    You don’t have to have a Kindle. If you have a Kindle app on any smart device, PC, or Mac, you can sign into your amazon account. I have a Kindle, iPhone, and Android Nexus 7 all with the Kindle App, I can choose which to download to and download to the others anytime I want.

  28. Paul Says:

    Thanks Guys! I get the mag and love it. Now a few older copies to soak up. God Bless all you do!

  29. Melissa Says:

    Wow! Thank you!!

  30. Barbara DuMont Says:


  31. Elizabeth Says:

    You do not need to have a Kindle to view these books. Kindle software is available free for the PC and other types of readers. I can read these on my iPad with the Kindle software. Just go to to find it. And thank you for these books, I love your magazine!!!

  32. Mindy Says:

    Thanks so much for the ebooks/magazines! Very generous offer :-)
    Hope folks know there is a kindle reader for windows, if you don’t own a kindle.

  33. Yishmeray Says:

    @Ruth Dixon – so put it on Kindle for the PC. I don’t own a kindle or a nook, but I can still get these things and read ’em.

  34. Sue Says:

    Thank you for your great generosity.

  35. Bonnie Says:

    THANK YOU!!! I LOVE your magazine. I’ve wanted to get several of these Jackie Clay books, but am currently working on our homestead and didn’t feel like I could splurge right now on this little luxury (or possibly necessity for us!)
    I also just received a kindle last week and am in the learning process. Thank you again for doing this. May you be blessed for your generosity in your sharing your knowledge with us.

  36. Gene C Says:

    Fantastic of you to do this for us. I downloaded Kindle for my PC and everything works great!

    Thank you

  37. Nan Says:

    Thank you. I love your magazine and what a generous gift.

    Thanks for all the great info.


  38. Jay Stell Says:

    This is awesome. I just came across this, and was able to get them all on a kindle just in time for me to work graveyards all weekend…..Score!

  39. Brian Says:

    Current print subscriber and purchased the whole sheebang 2 years ago.
    I highly recommend a subscription and would encourage you to look at the Whole or half Sheebang, best money you will spend.

    Appreciate the chance to view on my kindle

    Keep up the good work, best all around patriot magazine for the current times.

  40. Shelley Mills Says:

    Thank you. This information will come in handy as we are a one income family. every little bit helps. Found you through SurvivalBlog btw:)

  41. Jimmy Says:

    Thank you!

    @Ruth – I’m pretty sure you can download the Kindle app onto your Nook.

  42. Dave Says:

    This is too awesome!

    To Ruth Dixon and any others who do not own a Kindle device. You can download Kindle for PC, then download the magazines.

    After install:

    I used the “Buy now with 1-click” option. Takes you to another page, click “Go to Kindle for PC”, download begins.

    Good luck.

  43. London Says:

    Wow. This is really awesome. Thanks, guys!

  44. Dan Bowden Says:

    Kindle ebooks can be converted to formats that will work on a Nook or other reader. Free conversion programs are available on the web. And you can read any kindle book on your computer using the free Kindle reader program available from Amazon. Download it from their site. Thanks for making these great books available!

  45. Grant Says:

    I really appreciate your offer, and it would seem that you can set up Kindle for your PC and then have the free books and magazines delivered to your PC. I have set up the Kindle for PC and it works for the included free books which are a part of the setup, Aesop’s Fables, Pride and Prejudice, and Treasure Island, but even though the Kindle site claims to send the titles I have selected to my Kindle for PC library, they have as yet to appear. Others may be more successful, and if so then may they be blessed in their attempts. I am still hopeful that I may resolve whatever issue has thus far hindered my efforts. I am able to access the titles in the Kindle cloud, but not offline on my PC as yet.

  46. Michael Rutkaus Says:

    RUTH, you can get free Kindle software for your computer or smartphone, just download from Amazon!


  47. Mark Says:

    This is for Ruth and anyone else who does not have a Kindle. Amazon has free Kindle readers for Windows, Macs, Android and other platforms available for download on their site. Don’t miss this terrific opportunity just because you don’t have the hardware–grab a copy of the software!

  48. CommonCents Says:

    Thanks Dave,

    My wife Lorraine is a huge Jackie fan. We’ll put the info to good use.

  49. Wade Hampton Says:


  50. Don Says:

    Thank you very much for offering these.

  51. Matt Says:

    You do not have to have a kindle to read these! Amazon offers a software download that allows you to read them on your computer.

  52. unknown Says:

    for those who don’t have a kindle you can get one to download to your desktop on your computer

  53. Erikka L Says:

    Great, thank you!

    @Ruth D…you can still download the magazines using kindle cloud reader for your computer or smart phone. It is a free app you can download.

  54. Cindy Says:

    Thanks for these great free downloads!! If you don’t have a Kindle or Nook, you can go to Amazon and download their free ap to read any ebooks on your PC!!

  55. Mark S Says:

    Thanks for the generous reward to your faithful readers. Speaks volumes about your character and mission.

  56. Fran Says:

    I am always looking for teaching tools such as yours. We enjoy your
    publications. Thank you for this generous offer.

  57. Joseph Says:

    Thank you. God bless.

  58. Karen Says:

    Aweseome. Thank you so much..Love your magazine and Jackie Clay!

  59. Rock farm Says:

    Thanks Dave! What a generous gift! And folks without a kindle, there is a “Kindle to PC” free download you can get so you can read these on your computer!

  60. Stefani Says:

    Thank you so much! I already had one of the titles, and was trying to decide on some of the other – but thanks to your giveaway I don’t have to! Now i can spend my money on a subscription so I don’t get behind again!

  61. Specialkb Says:

    Thanks for wealth truly valuable information. There will be a lot for me to read as this was first time to your site. Thanks you for being so generous with knowledge and passion.

  62. Coffeefreek Says:

    Thanks so much! What a treat to get these for free.

  63. Tracy, Wheaton Illinois Says:

    I am a new Subscriber (2012) and i found out about you from reading survival blog. It is my Birthday today and I feel like this is a great birthday gift and very generous of you all to do this. Thank you for all the great info that you provide. I will be signing up for print subscription soon, but I love having digital copies of all the issues.

  64. megan wade Says:

    thank you so much!!! I am a subscriber and am so happy I can turn my family on to your magazine this way!

  65. Sarah Axsom Says:

    Thanks for posting these free books and magazines. I am a magazine subscriber, so could not justify getting a Kindle subscription, too. Now, I’ve downloaded these and can enjoy reading up on interesting things on trips by simply taking my Kindle! I appreciate it!

  66. Rich Says:

    You can read these on your computer! Download the FREE Kindle reader app from the book page!

  67. Jeffrey Bethel Says:

    Thanks very much. I was just made aware of your site and these books. I’m sure I’ll be back regularly now.

    And for those who use a Nook instead, Amazon has free apps to allow you to read Kindle stuff on your smartphone, tablet, and/or computer or laptop. Download and install to one of these devices and you too can take advantage of this generous offer.

  68. LordChamp Says:

    Remember you don’t have to have a kindle device to use these. There is Kindle software for your PC that is free to download. You can then read any any kindle book. It works very well.

    Also kindle apps for all phone and tablet types.

  69. Jeffrey Town Says:

    I wish I had a Kindle or something to get all your books on.I guess i could download them to my iphone???

  70. Jan DG Says:

    Thank you!

  71. Tony Says:

    A wonderful digital copy to complement my paper copies! Thank you all!

  72. PotterPete Says:

    Thanks for this wonderful gift, I will share these copies with my grandkids, as they love helping grandpa figure out how to operate these durned techno gadgets.

  73. Bob Swogger Says:

    This is just one more reason that BWH magazine is my all-time favorite. Thanks for all the free excellent reading.

  74. Russ C Says:

    Hi Ruth,
    Not sure if you’ll see this but Amazon does have a free Kindle for PC application that will allow you to read Kindle books. You can find it here

  75. Dan Says:

    Thank you for your generous gifts and all that you help us with year after year!

  76. CWR37 Says:

    Thanks so much!

  77. Heather Says:

    Thank you! That’s a generous gift and will be good reference information on my Kindle (and computer). Have a great New Year!

  78. Roger Says:

    Thanks for sharing these books with us.

  79. Colin Says:

    Thanks very much, it is greatly appreciated!

  80. Steve Jelinek Says:

    Thank you, BHM! Of course this means I am going to have to buy some more publications since you have me hooked. I have always found your publications to be worth reading again and again.

  81. Ghoti Says:

    Thanks you and I will share about this with many of my friends too

  82. Janet Says:

    Thanks, Dave & Crew; much appreciated info.

  83. Ben Says:

    Thanks for the issues!! It’s like Christmas!!

  84. DJsaltine Says:

    Thank you for your generosity. Using Kindle reader for PC, works great!

  85. Eric Says:

    Thank you for the generous gift, from a long time subscriber. The information is helpful and mind stretching. All the best and continued success.

  86. Kathy Says:

    Thanks for the free books and mags. Loving it. I use a free program called Calibre to convert my Kindle books to my
    Nook. Had to download a special tool to covert them, but
    it was easy. Just do a search for reading Kindle books on a Nook.

  87. Donnie Says:

    Thanks guys! I now have the complete collection of the Ask Jackie books. I’m also working on leaving good reviews on for you. That’s the least I can do!

  88. Dave Duffy Says:

    Good reviews is what it’s all about for us. We’re hoping these free Kindle book giveaways lead to increased subscribers, either on our Kindle platform or for our print issue. Prospective subscribers respond affirmatively to good reviews about our products. — Dave

  89. Nana Says:

    You post so infrequently. I do check to see if you have any tibbits 2-3 times a week but usually nothing. I am a faithful follower of Jackie and most recently of Claire. I subscribe and have bought several books and have bought all the CDS. But when you do Kindle giveaways they are immediate and for a short period of time. Don’t mean to sound unappreciative but alittle more notice would be good so we could make sure we get to take advantage of them. Would like them on this medium also.

  90. chad Says:

    Could you please make these available just 1 more day for those who missed this great opp? I subscribed for a few months but stopped when I lost my job and my wifes hour were cut. Will pay for a whole year when we get the tax refund..thank you.

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