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Archive for the ‘Silver’ Category

Dave Duffy

Silver forecasting accelerated inflation?

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

I began accepting silver coins for subscriptions and other books five months ago when the price of silver was about $25 an ounce. Today it is over $45. My motive for accepting silver was to guard against anticipated inflation, but I didn’t expect silver to rise this quickly. I can only assuume it means that inflation is going to accelerate more quickly than I had anticipated.

If you do buy products from BHM with silver, I’ll either donate the excess your silver buys to our “free subscriptions to GIs” fund or you can email me first and I’ll adjust upwards the products your silver can buy.

Dave Duffy

Is silver forecasting serious inflation?

Friday, March 4th, 2011

The price of silver is over $35 today, which is about $10 above the price it was when I started accepting silver coins for various subscriptions a few months ago.

The following charts are from the American Precious Metals Exchange. From top to bottom they track the price of silver for one, five, ten, and twenty-year periods.

I’ve long thought that inflation, possibly hyperinflation, was in America’s future as a way of both paying off its debt and solving the Social Security and Medicare problems. I’m beginning to think the future may be arriving. I was hoping serious inflation would hold off for another year or so, but this is a bad sign.

Of course we’re already experiencing inflation in food prices. Yesterday my wife paid $4.55 for a loaf of whole wheat bread.





Dave Duffy

The money of the future?

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Silver eagles are beautiful. I just bought my first hundred from  If you don’t have any, you should think about buying some. They may become a major component of the money of the future, after the paper dollar becomes worthless.

Dave Duffy

A fictional future — or real possibility?

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Wondering why I’ve decided to accept silver in lieu of paper money? Here’s a fictional account of the future that will give you a hint.

Dave Duffy

Dave’s Silver Coin Offer update

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Just an update on Dave’s Silver Coin Offer. For anyone paying in silver for any purchase from BHM, we’ll send you Claire Wolfe’s new book, Hardyville, free. We’ll also pay the shipping on the book. If you’ve already sent in silver for orders, don’t worry because we’ll send you the book also.

Also, according to, FedEx and UPS will not insure silver coins, but the post office will. A sales agent at Monex told me you don’t have to tell the postal clerk your letter or package contains silver coins, but merely insure it for whatever it’s worth, and they will.

We won’t update the regular BHM order page until the next issue is sent to subscribers because the current issue allows them to get a three-year subscription with paper money.

If you have any questions, email me at dave_at_ (I wonder if the web spiders know what “_at_” stands for. Trying to keep them from picking up my email and sending me even more spam is a definite challenge.)

Dave Duffy

You can now buy multiple year subscriptions to Backwoods Home Mag with silver coins

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

One and a half years ago (May, 2009) I ended four and five-year subscription offers due to the threat of future inflation and the threat that posed to Backwoods Home Magazine. Now I’m going to end three-year subscription offers, probably beginning with the next issue. The reason is the same — the threat of future inflation. I figure the government can only print so much money (or the Fed can buy only so many hundreds of billions of dollars in government debt) before inflation takes off.

But then I got a really cool idea!

Why not let people buy a one or two-year subscription with regular paper money, but have them buy three, four, and five-year subscriptions with silver coins. Junk silver — old silver dimes, quarters, and “Franklin” halves  — is worth about $22 for every one dollar in face value of the coins, and silver dollars (which I prefer) are worth about $27 each. Paying in silver will protect the magazine against inflation because those coins will track inflation.

I’ll start it right away on the website, or as soon as Oliver can get a notice up. Anyone interested in doing this can go to several sites to buy silver coins. I’ve used APMEX and Monex. There is also Lynn Coins and others. I’m not that familiar with any of them, and the magazine is not affiliated in any way with any of them. If you live in the city, there’s also probably a coin dealer somewhere.

So beginning now, and for print issue readers beginning with next issue, you can buy multiple year issues, all the way up to five years — hell let’s go up to 10 years, if you buy with silver coin.

Following is the price schedule. I’ll discount years 3 to 10 pretty good.

1 year subscription —  $1 in junk silver or 1 silver dollar
2 year subscription —  $2 in junk silver
3 year subscription —  $3 in junk silver coins or 2 silver dollars
4 year subscription —  $4 in junk silver coins or 3 silver dollars
5 year subscription —  $5 in junk silver coins or 4 silver dollars
6 year subscription —  $6 in junk silver coins or 5 silver dollars
7 year subscription —  $7 in junk silver coins or 5 silver dollars
8 year subscription —  $8 in junk silver coins or 6 silver dollars
9 year subscription —  $9 in junk silver coins or 7 silver dollars
10 year subscription —  $10 in junk silver coins or 8 silver dollars

(Note that six and seven-year subscriptions are the same amount for silver dollars because $159 (the approximate price of a 7-year subscription) divided by $27 (the current price of a silver dollar) equals 5.88, so I rounded it down).

If you want to take advantage of this offer right now, go right ahead. Send your silver coins to Backwoods Home Magazine, P.O. Box 712, Gold Beach, OR 97444. Just attach a note that says it’s for “Dave’s silver coin offer.” (If you are afraid the silver coins may get lost in the mail, either send them FedEx or take out insurance on them.)

In fact, if you want to buy any of the anthologies and books we offer, you can buy them in silver coins and take 10% off the purchase price.

This will be interesting to see if this works. Maybe I’ll start a trend.

WARNING: Keep in mind that it must be silver coins you send us. If you send non-silver coins, such as the coins you may have in your pocket right now,  we’ll send you merchandise worth the face value of those coins. We won’t spend money on postage to return non-silver coins. If you don’t know what a silver coin is, click on one of the links above.

If you have any questions (especially regarding the value of Kennedy half dollars), email me at Put in the subject line: “silver coin offer” or something that will tip me off it’s not spam.

P.S.: As you can see, I’ve already edited this post (Nov 20) because I had screwed up the numbers when initially posted Nov. 19. Also, silver prices fluctuate every day, so if they fluctuate too much I’ll have to make appropriate changes to this offer.


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