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Archive for the ‘WikiLeaks’ Category

Dave Duffy

Overall, WikiLeaks cables show American diplomats as competent problem solvers

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

One of the interesting things about reading a lot of the WikiLeaks cables is that most of them show U.S. diplomats in a very favorable light. They are assessing problems around the world and trying to figure out ways to solve them. It is mainly other characters from other countries who come off badly.

Maybe that old sod is true: The American form of government is lousy, except when compared to every other form of government around the world. Of course, that does not excuse the systematic way American politicians have for decades chipped away at our Constitution so that its safeguards of individual freedoms are routinely violated by the government.

The cables make engrossing reading if you are interested in how foreign policy is conducted these days, maybe always. Many of them give insight into the hugely complicated diplomacy required to achieve American objectives in countries and often in regions so that the diplomatic mix becomes even more complicated. The personalities of foreign leaders, how they interact with each other, the hurt feelings of key players, the stupidity of others are all thrown into the mix. The statements by American diplomats, by and large, are thoughtful and concise. There is no beating around the bush, as the diplomats are trying to pinpoint exactly what can and cannot be done.  I have yet to read something that made an American diplomat come off as a fool. I think that’s something to be proud of. We’ve got some smart guys (and gals) working for us.

Dave Duffy

WikiLeaks video shows killing of civilians

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

These are some of the things WikiLeaks is revealing. This video is from the Iraq War. It was released at least six months ago. It shows a U.S. gunship killing about eight unarmed people, two of them Reuters news reporters armed only with their cameras. The cameras were mistaken for rifles.

Dave Duffy

Ron Paul has it right on WikiLeaks

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Congressman Ron Paul hits the nail on the head when it comes to WikiLeaks:

Dave Duffy

Government arrests WikiLeaks’ Assange

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

The British government has jailed WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange without filing charges against him. They denied him bail.

Here’s an excerpt from the CNN story:

The judge repeatedly said the case is “not about WikiLeaks,” but about serious sexual offenses that allegedly occurred on three occasions with two women.

How dumb to governments think we are? This is only about WikiLeaks. The sex charges are an obvious set-up. I expect soon they’ll find reasons to charge him with drug use, child porn, you name it.

I expect there will now be a massive media campaign to discredit Assange, and I expect the full participation of the American media. You will not be able to tell CNN apart from conservative talk radio.

Judge Napolitano, a Fox News analyst, is one of the few key journalists speaking up on behalf of Julian Assange.

Dave Duffy

WikiLeaks may be just what the world needs

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

I hear a lot of outrage from governments over the WikiLeaks disclosures, but I don’t hear a lot of outrage from ordinary people. I’m not outraged! I also have not heard about anyone dying because of the WikiLeaks release of confidential government information. But governments imprison, torture, and kill people all the time.

The many attempts now underway to censor WikiLeaks, and the threats by many governments, including our own, against WikiLeaks show how fearful governments are of the harsh light of truth. I’d prefer to know more, not less, about what my government, and other governments, are doing. I don’t buy into the argument that Wikileaks is making it harder for diplomats to solve the world’s problems. They are doing a lousy job anyway; I doubt WikiLeaks will cause them to do worse.

In fact, I’ve seen my own country, the United States, turn more and more in the direction of a police state the last decade. I don’t think freedom and civil liberties could do any worse than they have done lately. I’ve thought for years that the Internet had the potential to become the greatest freedom toll ever, so maybe Wikileaks, by revealing the lies and corruption prevalent among world leaders, is the start of the Internet fulfilling its promise.

When liberty’s path has been going steadily downward for so long, I think it’s time for a drastic change. Maybe all this new information about corrupt politicians all over the world will inform more people about how screwed up things really are.

I’m fine with all these WikiLeaks revelations. I’d like to read more.


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