Thanksgiving, then making jerky from David’s deer — 4 Comments

  1. Nancy,
    Sorry to hear your tomato paste based soup tried to curdle. Try this: Thicken your milk with flour, then heat tomato paste, thinned a bit. When it’s hot, quickly stir in 1/8 tsp baking soda. It’ll foam and fizz. but when it settles down, gently stir the tomato into the hot milk. That usually reduces the incidence of curdling the milk.

    I’m glad you’re reading my stuff. what I “have” came at a price, and it included a long time, plenty of work and some heartache, too. Keep at it, and you’ll be surprised at what the future can hold!


  2. Many many months ago I ask you about canning tomato soup and heating it with milk. You gave me a recipe using tomato sauce and said it was wonderful soup and took just minutes to make. I finally made it last night and as you said, it was wonderful.

    I made some with tomato paste and it is good but I seem to curddle the milk in it. So will stick to the sauce and good soup.

    Thank you so very much.

    I am going to tell you something that I am embarrased about. I have received Backwoods Home Magazine for years and would not read your articals. I was so jealious about where you are at and where I am. I want a self-sufficient life so bad, to grow more and can every thing but my husband thinks it is silly and to much work. So you had it all and I wanted it. Now that I have grown up a bit you are the first thing I read. One of the Ten Commandants, Do not covet what your neighbor has.

    I check two or three times a day to see if you have added any thing to your blog.

    Will be buying your books as soon as I can afford them.

    We have a 300 acre farm and I have a tiny spot I get to garden in but don’t kick much because my husband does not like horses but lets me keep mine. I will be gardening more in tires this year in places that can’t be used for any thing else.

    Again thank you so much.

  3. At this time of year I need to give thanks to the women (like my mother, grandmother) who make our holidays events to remember, if it was up to me, thanks giving dinner would consist of bread, instant patatoes and wild turkey(not the animal)

  4. I have a sneaky suspicion that Will is going to eat like a King… but he’s going to need to, as he’ll work off every calorie :)

    That was a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner; wish I’d remembered to take a jar of my dill pickles out to Mom’s last week!