Uh oh, bad news — 12 Comments

  1. Have you considered starting your own publication? I’m sure you have enough material, knowledge, experience and the “fan/follower base to do so.

  2. Whoa… I’ve been hiding under a great big rock for a long, long time (writing…) and am now just emerging from under it to… this?.. BHM no longer printing? :-( This is so sad. Not that I would ever be able to get the print issue, being overseas, but still. Glad you’ll stay online, though.

  3. I don’t comment much, now, but I continue to read, and re-read, your current and past blogs. I would HATE to think I, and all the others, might lose something we have enjoyed for so many years. You and your family ‘feel’ like you are members of ours. I have so enjoyed your pleasant and info filled writings. Never have I seen a discourteous word to anyone from you, only got to enjoy the time you have taken to share your life and your experiences with all of us; for that I THANK YOU!

  4. Jackie, sorry about BHM but so happy you will continue blog. I look forward to each one. Love hearing about what’s going on at your homestead. You are so knowledgeable about so many things. Received seeds and have them in my small hot house. Going to try wall o waters this year! Keep on keeping on!

  5. Miss Jackie, I cannot express my consternation concerning BHM,,,,I am not electronics/computer savvy and at my age not planning to become such. I AM NOT HAPPY!!!!!!! Used to love two other country type mags and took each for about 20+ years, but they got new editors or were sold and I let both lapse as they changed were too much for my taste. I”m smart enough to learn what a kindle is and how to use one, BUT I DON”T WANT ONE!!!!! I suppose it is too costly for paper mags to continue, and to raise prices to continue printing would likely make them too expensive to purchase. I suppose I have become an old curmudgeon…….Rick

  6. Add me to the “Sad” group also. We really love BWH around here & will miss it. I am so glad you plan to keep blogging & really hope that “Ask Jackie” will continue somewhere as it is much needed.

  7. I’m very sad about the news also. I look forward to receiving BWH in the mail every other month. A hard copy is better than a computer version any day!

  8. sorry to hear the news about the magazine, but glad you will keep the blog going. We can'[t do without your udates on the homestead ! So glad your seed business is taking off, I drop your name often when talking with fellow gardners.
    Have a wonderful spring.

  9. I too was so sorry to get the ‘bad’ news. BUT, so pleased to know you will continue blogging, etc. I have been in my own small businesses all my life. I’m ‘semi’ retired now, but still active. (semi retired means I work harder than ever, but don’t expect as much income from it!) Your seed business is great. I encourage you to explore Paypal. I think it is a wonderful service. I use it myself all the time as a merchant. I think you would be amazed at how much your seed sales would climb with the ability of folks to pay online. You could also put a Paypal ‘Donate’ button on your private blog if you wanted. I’m sure we readers would be happy to pitch in for the ’cause’ from time to time. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me privately. I’d love to help. I am in no way associated with Paypal, nor do I make anything for saying their name. It is just my experience with it I offer.
    Anyway, cheers for keeping in there! Life deals odd hands sometimes.

  10. I must say, Tim & I were very stressed about the BHM quitting publications. Not everyone reads on kindles (cause headaches and eye strain). Not familiar with Self Reliance mag at all. Will have to explore about it. We own a biz and would suggest you get busy building a separate building for the seed treasures biz. Works much better for tax purposes and easier in the end. WE NEED THE “ASK JACKIE” FORUM SOMEWHERE PLEASE!!

  11. We received our second seed order from you! We’re excited to grow these new varieties. Thank you both!
    We, too, were upset to read about BHM stopping the printed version. Our first question was “What about Jackie’s blog?” We’ve learned a lot from you and Will. And we enjoy reading about your homestead and family.

  12. We were very saddened to receive the e-mail announcement of Backwoods Home being discontinued. We have all the issues since the beginning and refer to them often. So glad that you are thinking of continuing the blog. You provide such useful information. Just want you to know we really appreciate all you effort.

    We just received our seed order from you and already have the onions and some romaine lettuce started. We are very pleased with the assortment of seeds that you offer.