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etc. - a little of this, a little of that - by Oliver Del Signore

Archive for October 19th, 2011


Real women have curves and real men love them

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Quote of the day:  All women are beautiful. You just have to know how to look at them.  ~Oliver Del Signore


Ladies, today is “Love Your Body Day” according to NOW, the National Organization for Women. Today is the day you are all supposed to step out of the shower and in front of a full length mirror and say “Darn it! I look great!” The problem is far too many of you will not see yourself as men do, but with your self-critical eye that will note everything that does not conform to the media-driven ideal of what a women is supposed to look like. And the worst part is, no matter what your body shape or size, from twig-thin to Orca-fat, there are plenty of men out there who would love to be standing next to you as you gaze into that mirror.

The simple fact is that real women have curves and real men love them, the women and the curves.

I’m probably going to catch hell from the SSG (Secret Society of Guys) for revealing this, but the truth is that most of us really don’t care all that much what you look like without clothes. We’re just happy, and forever grateful,  that you like us enough to let us undress you.

Now, I’m not saying that you should ignore how you look. All I’m saying is that those of you who do it should stop obsessing about not looking like a runway model or the actress your husband or boyfriend drools over. We’re guys. We are genetically programmed to drool over anything feminine. It’s what kept us coming back to the cave instead of staying out all the time playing the prehistoric equivalent of video games after we killed the day’s meal. Men are always going to look at women, but that doesn’t mean who we look at is who we prefer next to us in bed on a cold winter’s night.

When Martha and I watch a movie, I appreciate the beauty I see on the widescreen. But when it’s done, I look over at the sofa and appreciate the beauty sitting there who has, for thirty-odd years, quite inexplicably let me stand next to her when she looks in that mirror.

I can’t say I’m always in agreement with what NOW says and does, but today I’m on board. Ladies, when next you step out of the shower, find that mirror, and no matter what you see there — or think you see there — celebrate her. And teach your daughters to do the same. For she is unique among all of God’s or nature’s creations. She’s a beautiful woman.


Ladies, guys, your thoughts?



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