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Where We Live by John Silveira and Richard Blunt. Photos and commentary from Oregon and New England.

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Great egrets in Oregon, Part 2

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Okay, I’m late. I’d promised these photos “tomorrow.”  But that’s because I’m spending so much time with my two girlfriends, Chloe (that’s what I call my Canon 5D Mark III) and Danielle (the eponymous character in one of the novels I’m trying to get ready for Kindle), as well as my good friend Elvis (a character from a second novel I’m trying to get onto Kindle).

So, here — finally! – is the followup on egrets I promised at the conclusion of the previous one.


This is the egret just before he (or she?) became wary enough of my presence to want to take flight. Mind you, I was doing nothing more than standing by the side of the road, at the Port of Gold Beach, with Chloe. But these birds appear to be very skittish.

Shutter speed 1/1000     f-stop 5.6     ISO 250     focal length 200mm


Here he is, finally tiring of my presence, and walking away.

Shutter speed 1/1000     f-stop 5.6     ISO 200     focal length 200mm


Then he was off. They don’t take off with an “explosion.” Their takeoffs are silent to me. Maybe it’s just because I’m too far away using a telephoto lens. But those wings, when they spread, make me think that this is where painters of religious art get their ideas for angel wings.

Shutter speed 1/1000     f-stop 5.6     ISO 160     focal length 200mm


I’m obviously trying to keep the bird, its shadow, and its reflection in the frame. I just think they’re beautiful.

Shutter speed 1/1000     f-stop 5.6     ISO160     focal length 200mm


Shutter speed 1/1000     f-stop 5.6     ISO 160     focal length 200mm


Shutter speed 1/1000     f-stop 5.6     ISO 160     focal length 200mm

Okay, same bird, tomorrow. But he’ll be doing something I, personally, have never seen an egret doing.


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