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08-07-2010, 11:29 AM
Primers seem to be available now. Some ammo prices have gone down. Some are still high. I noticed @ the dreaded mart all the bulk .22LR is 2-3 dollars higher than it was, pistol calibers are up too.
However they are about the same @ the shops I actually buy from. Military ammo calibers are down on price, but civie cartridges are still seemingly harder to come by, however the good news is all the Privi ammo for military classics like 8x57, 6.5 Swede etc- that I love to shoot and hunt with are ALL in stock and still plenty affordable.
I DO SEE a downturn though, in 2012- everyone that still has the ability to buy will be buying again. I'm taking the second chance in this lull to top off stores and get it things put up. I suggest other folks likeminded do the same. INFACT I am looking to stock up on EXTRA so I can have some investment ammo to resell.

08-08-2010, 11:18 PM
I have been watching prices a bit too, esepecially since California's new law on thumbprinting and not being able to buy online or more than 50 at a time goes into effect in January next year.

With that I found that my local gun shop has 12 gauge slugs selling for less than I can buy anywhere else so I stocked up today. We didn't have time to kibitz since the shop was packed though or I would have asked him about other prices and quantities.

What I'm looking for is primers, brass and powder. I have plenty of bullets and brass for handgun ammo but I would like to stock up on large caliber brass for my long gun. But with the recent run on everything driving prices higher and now with the economy down and prices going up on everything, I find myself a bit strapped for cash and I can't be buying like I used to when times were good.

But reloading is definitely the way to go to save money. After the initial investment, the costs are generally quite a bit less for reloading than to buy anything but the cheapest ammo on the market.

08-09-2010, 08:04 PM
I hear that. I WORK in the firearms industry and there has been a turndown. A SHARP turndown in sales for us, as in I'm waiting for layoffs. I keep hearing 'Fall rush' but..... I don't see it being more than a fall hurry.
I'm moving things around myself, looking hard @ what I have vs what I need and downloading some things to get money for others. Is necessary, no one but fuel companies seem to be making any money.