View Full Version : Another Berkey or water filtration question

06-24-2011, 07:39 PM
I had finally decided that it was impractical for me to try to store drinking water since I have a pool, several ponds and a creek on site and should just find a way to purify it for emergency situations. So I was all ready to order a Big Berkey system today and decided to look over the FAQ's again and saw something I had not before: It states that you should not filter water if you have a water softener becasue the salt will damage the filters. We have well water and a water softener. I do not have an issue with our water now for everyday use and drinking, I just want to be prepared for an emergency.
I need opinions. Should I still get one since I am not planning on using it everyday and just put it with all my other preps? If SHTF, I would be using water directly from the well, pool or pond so the water softener wouldn't be an issue.
Or does anyone know of a different system that isn't affected by a water softener (salt)?

06-28-2011, 12:33 AM
Just pull your water that you want to filter before the softener. Usually there's a boiler drain or sample tap right at the pressure tank, which is prior to the softener.

Do you have the whole house softened, even the outside taps? Are you using softened water to fill your pool? That isn't the way it's normally set up. Usually the softened water is piped only to the bathroom and laundry room. If it's piped to the kitchen, there is frequently a small faucet next to the regular one to provide unsoftened water, because most people don't like the taste of it.

I'd say go ahead with the filter. If you get to the point that you need it, the softener will likely be a nonissue. If you want to practice prior to an emergency, just make sure to pull the water from an unsoftened source.