View Full Version : CH Swagomatic bullet maker

02-10-2008, 11:26 PM
Was at a gun show this weekend and saw a bullet swager. It turned out to be an old CH Swagamatic with 357 hollow point dies. The guy sold it to me with the dies and 1000 copper jackets (the plastic bags on the left) for 70$ all together. At the left-hand base of the press is one of the jackets and one of my cast cores. Before I try it though I thought I'd do two things. First, I'll totally disassemble it and thoroughly clean it (maybe spray paint the bare frame); and secondly, determine which core weight will give me bullet that just fills the jacket up to the top without any lead touching the bore. I can then compare how these bullets perform compared to those made in my CH 101 dies. Thought it would be fun to try making bullets like in the olden days. Yeah, as compared to casting!

02-17-2008, 05:41 PM
I started swageing jacketed bullets in the 70's, but i haven't done so in quite a while now. I have Corbin and SAS press', and numerous sets of dies...

Those old C press' work OK for some pistol bullets or maybe 22 bullets, but you need a stronger press for most bullet swageing...

You should have fun with that setup thpugh...