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03-11-2015, 10:12 PM
Hello to all you thinkers of different thoughts. Long ago I saw a drawing somewhere of an ingenious device for picking up a sucker rod assembly that has dropped a little way down the 2" well casing. I was able to get the leathers and spacers out with just my fingers but there is 320 feet of fiber glass sucker rod so I need to find out how to make that grabber.

Thanks loads if you can help and if you can't, we'll visit again about something else. Living in the boonies is never dull and always so satisfying...... once you have accumulated most of the tools and raw materials you might need. I hope to visit w/some of you in the area where burning wood is discussed.


03-11-2015, 11:47 PM
I'm assuming it's close enough to the top to easily be seen

You might be able to pull it out using a thin metal washer with an ID that will just fit over the rod, but an ID as large as possible that will still fit down the pipe.

A "fender washer" should work fine, but you may have to drill the ID to fit

Drill a hole as close to the outer edge as you can to attach a line strong enough to take the weight of the rod, such as masonry twine or very stong fishing line

Next, LIGHTLY attach the washer to any piece of material that will hold it in position to let you slide it over the rod with the line on the opposite side.

Another piece of sucker rod or small PVC pipe and some silicone caulk should work

The theory here is that when you pull on the line, raising one side of the washer will cause it to tilt and bind the rod in the hole, allowing you to pull it up.

Using a thin washer allows it to "bite" into the fiberglass, and using the largest OD you can allows more leverage

03-11-2015, 11:58 PM
It's possible the item you described in the OP is a variation on a "pinch cleat" or "cam cleat" which can be purchased or improvised once you understand how they work:


You can see how it allows movement in one direction, but clamps tight in the opposite direction

03-12-2015, 04:27 AM
Thanks BFF, may I call you BFF? I'm hoarding my O's and A's.

Yes that second msg is the thing I was trying to remember. I went down there this afternoon and got the last spacer out of the well casing. It's quite close to the top of the casing. I was able to determine the cause of the separation. The threads at the lower end of the polish rod was taperrd from rust years of rust damage. Neal Young was right.

There may be some damage to the sucker rod coupling tho these are plated with something the threads don't feel right. I could not screw the upper end of the rod into the coupling. They should be the same threads in a perfect world. I could start it but after the second turn or so it began to bind. I'll have to get a tap or some kind of thread spiffer upper to see if I can avoid replacing the end coupling on the sucker rod. Thanks for the link I'm going to check it out now. I figured this forum would be full of people to learn stuff from. When things settle down around here I'll get to the introduction section and say hello to everyone.