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08-24-2016, 12:06 PM
Default RENT FREE / SWEAT RENT - Need Farmer / Caretaker
I have a farm in MIddle Tennessee that needs a farmer / caretaker.

See your September copy of BHM and look in the classifieds.

What we have is an opportunity for you to live on a farm for three years for self sufficiency and / or to sell the fruits of your labors. This is RENT FREE - SWEAT RENT. You restore the farmhouse and build fences, etc. and pay no rent. I buy the materials. I buy the seeds and you plant and farm, I buy the livestock, etc. - I take a small portion of your NET profit OF WHAT YOU SELL - not eat, something like 35% of you NET profit.

There is all the equipment (mostly) that you need, I will buy the other stuff needed. The house is habitable. The barn is usable. No fences. Pond needs work. You pay water and power, I pay phone / internet.

This is a good deal. My current caretaker decided farming wasn't for him and drug up. This time we'll do a fair and equitable contract. Apparently handshake deals are easily broken by some.

You can farm, or learn to farm, and live essentially for free. Terms are somewhat negotiable.

PM me and be patient, I work a lot and don't get to answer email all that often. The best way you can contact us at bratcherfamilyfarm or restlesspilgrims, both at gmail.com.