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General Rules

The Rules

Posting in the BHM Forum is a privilege for those members who are willing to carry on discussions and debates like civilized adults.

Participants are free to discuss any and all topics of interest to self-reliant people but we require that everyone keep their comments within the bounds of civility and good taste.

Civility and good taste are common and generally accepted terms which we will apply as we see fit. Those who exceed the limits of civility and good taste will have their posting privileges or Forum memberships revoked.

All members are to be treated with common courtesy.

Trolling and Flaming of any type is prohibited. This includes name-calling, labeling, denigrating, marginalizing, rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks, purposely inflammatory posts and every other kind of uncivil behavior or language.

Foul language of all types is prohibited. This includes the use of other characters in place of letters, as in s**t or f-----g.

Discussions of illegal activities are prohibited.

If you cannot tolerate reading what another member has to say, skip over it or add them to your IGNORE list.

We are the sole judge as to whether or not a rule has been broken.

These rules may be amended from time to time so check back frequently to refresh your memory.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Note: Posting of this Rules Reminder does not negate any Rules posted elsewhere in the FAQ section, the Forum, or the BHM website.

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