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kfander 03-06-2018 04:35 PM

Seniors Only Club
I am a long-time subscriber of Backwoods Home, and used to be pretty active in this forum. I come back from time to time, with the intention of becoming active here once again, and hope to actually follow through with it this time.

One of the things that has been taking up some of my time is that I run a forum for seniors, fifty years old or older. It does not have a homesteading theme, although that would certainly be permissible, so my forum in no way competes with this forum, other than for my own time.

The [URL=""]Seniors Only Club[/URL] is for people fifty and older. Some people call it conservative because I lean conservative and it's my forum, but conservatives sometimes complain about the liberals there, and I try very hard to ensure that anyone fifty or older is made to feel welcome. Politics is but a small part of the forum anyhow, and we mostly get along with one another.

The Seniors Only Club has members from several English-speaking countries, including the United States, Canada, England, and Australia, as well as expatriates living in other countries. Yet, we're a fairly small forum, only since January of 2015.

Pretty much anything of interest to you, if you are fifty or older, would be an appropriate topic for the Seniors Only Club.

If you are fifty or older, please check us out, but do not abandon this forum. There is no charge, and we don't even have advertising. I love the Backwoods Home forum, and my intention is to be active here once again, so the last thing I want is to take anyone away from this forum. They serve different purposes.

kfander 03-06-2018 07:24 PM

I should have mentioned that we use first and last names, rather than handles. I think it just makes for more natural conversations. You do not need to use your actual name, although some of us do, as long as you use something that looks like it might be a real name.

kfander 01-09-2019 01:49 AM

The Seniors Only Club forum is going on its 4th year this month.

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