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Tim Horton 08-10-2018 02:56 PM

Mouth Wash
In the health section of another site a poster there was singing the virtues of mouth wash as a SHTF personal hygiene body cleansing product. Saying things like use it to cleanse "delicate", "sensitive", areas of the body where irritation, smell, rash or other problems usually occur first and easily. Claiming using mouth wash on a rag to clean in a sort of "spit bath" fashion was good when full soap and water bathing isn't available. Much like how baby wipes are used.

OK... Have to admit I never thought of using mouth wash for that. The poster saying there is an old saying.. "Don't put anything on your skin you couldn't put in your mouth" Never heard that one before, but to a point it makes sense. I can understand it being used as a preventative measure, not necessarly a cure for something. That would require different products, depending on the condition.

Poster claiming there experience was good with the cheapest product they could find being Walmart Equate brand. No need to spend more than necessary on this product.

I think I would give it an experimental try.

So...... Anyone have....
Experience ?
Knowledge about this to share ?
(How about our resident medical professional ? hint, hint)
Thoughts ?
Comments ?

Bearfootfarm 08-11-2018 03:07 AM

It would be about as easy to carry "baby wipes" to use for clean ups.

Listerine can be used to treat fungal rashes though, so the idea isn't "wrong" but there are better products one could use.

Hydrogen Peroxide would also work well as a multipurpose product.

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