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Originally Posted by land steward View Post
I was told Kubota was the best brand name. Is that true?
well, of course it's true - it's a guarantee that EVERY kubota dealer in the country will swear to it -

amassing personal experience with tractors can be a very expensive process - perhaps best to copycat from neighboring tractor owners and operators - identify a number of folks in your immediate area who put a lot of hours on their own tractors and ask where and why they'll be looking to buy their next one -

such advice based upon the local personal experience of others can be priceless - you can pretty much ignore the internet advice you get regarding brands - brand "x" might be the perfect tractor to do some specific task in some specific location - but it might be terrible in another location (especially if you are in the used tractor market) - a wide range of things varying from soil conditions, climate and moisture statistics to dealer proximity and service reputation and even readily available sources of required fuels, etc can be determining factors in deciding on the bestest one for you - don't be shy about asking around - who knows, you might make contact with a neighbor willing to lend or rent you his favorite tractor for a week or two in order to try it and see if it fits YOUR specific needs - just don't break it -

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