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Originally Posted by land steward View Post
I have tractor envy. The ground on our property is a bit wet so I am looking for a 50 -60 horse Kubota. Know nothing about tractors so it should be interesting.
I was told Kubota was the best brand name. Is that true?
I researched for several years before purchasing the perfect tractor to do everything for me. After working as a field mechanic and service tech in the construction field for several years I had my eyes opened a bit. I have had more experience than I really wanted with repairing the newer offerings of some companies out there that have chosen to live off their reputation rather than living up to it.

Partial list of needs:
Didn't want to buy a forklift so it needed to be something big enough to lift a fully loaded 4,000 lb pallet of whatever I needed to load/unload.
Didn't want to buy a mini excavator, so it needed to be a backhoe that could reach down/out past 10 feet that could be operated from the same seat.
Didn't want to buy a skidsteer, so it needed to be something that could use the same kind of attachments up front and still be nimble at turning.
Didn't want to buy a big heavy truck just to pull a super heavy machine if I need to move it to another location for side work or favors, so it needed to be something I could pull safely and legally with a 3/4 ton pickup and a 12-14,000 lb gvw trailer.
Didn't want to buy a separate farm tractor, so it needed to have a removable backhoe with 3 point attachments.
Didn't want to buy a machine that was made from mostly parts sourced from foreign factories NOT OWNED by the manufacturer that often close down/lose a contract and cease to deliver parts, so it needed to be a machine that is almost completely made in house with the exception of rubber components.
Didn't want to buy a machine that didn't have a good dealer close by, so it needed to have a local dealer that had been in business long enough to know they will still be there if I need them.
Didn't want to be fighting/frustrated with simple engineering rectal cranial inversions that could have easily been avoided, so it need to be made with some common sense from the view of a mechanic more than a number cruncher.
Didn't want to be repairing machine on a regular basis due to low quality parts with a high rate of failure, so it needed to be reliable.
Didn't want to be going broke keeping it running, so it needed to be efficient.
Didn't want to ever go through this process again, so it needed to be good enough to last me a very long time.

There is more, but it is unnecessary as I thought I may already be asking for too much from one machine, but it turns out I wasn't. Bottom line, I narrowed the options down to a John Deere 110tlb, a JCB I forgot the model number to, and either a Kubota L48 or M59.

After spending almost a year just researching those machines, the only tractor that met every single need on my list turned out to be the Kubota M59 TLB. I bought it used with 69 hours on it and it is the most expensive thing I own besides my property, but it has already almost paid for itself in less than two years with everything I have done so far if I had to rent a separate machine for everything that I couldn't have done with just one of anything else. For much less than the price of a new one I have 4,000 lb lift capacity forks/receiver hitch for trailers/bale spear, 1 yard heaped bucket that doubles as a sweet snowplow, 12 ft backhoe with 8,000 lbs of force and hydraulic thumb as well as a hydraulic back blade that works almost as well as real road grader. Oh, and the homemade hydraulic log splitter! I absolutely love this machine and it still has room for expansion. I can see a front grapple post hole auger or T-post pounder being a useful addition pretty soon.

Here are some pics of one of my best investments ever.

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