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Default Bear Over the Mtn.

Was out on some of the county roads this past weekend messing around between errands, and saw a couple black bears crossing pastures at different places and times.

I'm sure they have been out of den for a while now. But it is time where a lot of field work is getting done, people moving around, and corn is already in the ground in many areas.

Also time where natural foods are still scarce, so bears are going to be at there "spring pest" stage.

People are starting to leave dog food out, bird feeders up, new plants, gardens tilled grubs and worms up, new live stock being born, you get the idea.

Problem here is.............. For whatever reason this is an area where transplanted bears are relocated to. Problem with that is, moving a problem bear only moves the problem.

Some times you just have to take care of business..................
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