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I have a Ford 3550 Industrial with a 735 loader . Also a Satoh Beaver 373D which I use for anything that can be done with a 17.5 horse diesl . The Beaver will do the same as the old gas engine Ford on about 1/10th the fuel . All of the Japanese tractors are serious workers and fuel sippers .When I grade my very long and hilly driveway it takes 7 to 8 gallons of gas with the Ford and only 1/2 gallon of diesel with rthe Beaver to do the same job . The Beaver is much lighter but with the 4WD it will pull almost as much as the much bigger Ford. As for Kubota being the best , I would take any of the Japanese tractors but stay away from the Chinese stuff . They got a long way to go in the tractor field . My neibor soends more time working on his and trying to find parts than he does working the Chinko piece of sh!t.
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