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Lets see. I got on a Ford kick a few years back. Figured it would be easier to have a tractor per implement. That way I can spend more time in the seat and not on the ground changing stuff out.
1946 8N
1955 641
1957 641
1955 841
1958 871

3 FELs (not installed)
2 bottem disk plow
2-14 bottom plow
boom pole
mid buster
7 ft drag blade x2
7 ft box blade
8 ft brush hog
5 ft brush hog
3pt carry all
28 in cordwood saw

But the tractor I use most is the 86 hp Yanmar with the FEL with bucket, hay spike and grapple. And soon to have a 10 ft brush hog.

The 2 671s are in varius stages of repair. The 841 caught fire twice last year and I wasnt even home. The 8N has a 6 ft woods belly mower on it. It is my lawn mower. But it is also the next one going into the shop. I was able to get my hands on a 94 cu in Merc flat head V8. So she will get a shot of paint, new crome and about double the HP. and remain the lawn mower. I like toys, but they need to be useful... which is why I have mules and not horses
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