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Originally Posted by Wyobuckaroo View Post
According to what little I can find to read.......... I have the perfect place environment for lingonberries. They also seem hardy enough to resist my considerable brown thumb..........
From what I have learned, one of the greatest threats to lingonberries is someone who insists on taking a hands-on approach, resulting in over-fertilization and over-watering. Other than preparation of the soil prior to planting and periodic weeding, they don't require much of anything. I do put mulch and wood chips down prior to winters, and I water them during lengthy droughts, but they have never shown signs of stress due to these dry periods so even that may be more than is necessary.

Originally Posted by Wyobuckaroo View Post
However.......... I have been having major trouble finding places to buy plants.........

Anyone suggest places to get plants......... ?
I couldn't find any locally, so I ordered mine from two different places, in order to get as many varieties as possible: Raintree Nursery and Hartmann's Plant Company. I cannot attest that these are the best places to get them but mine arrived in good shape.
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