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Originally Posted by CountryMom22 View Post
Wow! Glad to hear the trip went well, but the time in the airport gave me chills up my arms! I don't see how you can relate it so calmly! I would have freaked out!

While all this work is a good thing, are you able to spend enough time working on the homestead? I always find that it's feast or famine, never a nice steady, even keel.

Glad to hear that things are going so well!
I wouldn't have been so calm if people were running, yelling, and screaming but it was kind of a surreal quiet tense - no panic. .. OR ... if a second one went off ...

It is feast or famine with the homestead, for sure.

The first 9 months, when I was making virtually $0, I was concerned about spending any money on the homestead. So I pretty much just cleared land and . .. umm, hunted\fished a lot.

Now, have some $$ coming in, but my schedule is getting so busy - not much time to actually work up there.

We did contract work out to have a full gravel road built. I was going to do that myself with my little tractor, but a small local company gave us what I thought was a very good quote - and they did a job that is significantly better than what my hack job would have been.

Thanks for replying and asking!
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