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Welcome back.

When we first moved here I put in a huge garden just like my dad had.
My brother had a tractor with a tiller so it was easy to over do it.
I took down a couple of fences dad had put up and expanded the yard.
After 2 years of working in the garden and mowing the huge yard I put the fences back and let the cows take care of it.
I was crawling around pulling weeds in the 95 degree heat and realized that onions are $10 for 50 pounds at the local vegetable stands.
I shrank the garden down to a manageable size. A few tomato plants and a zucchini or 2.
We live in an area that has a lot of local produce so it's pretty inexpensive.

I'm with you on politics.
Every thing seems to be about trashing the other side.

This site seems to have slowed way down.
Not much new going on.
It's a shame. I enjoy reading it.
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