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I noticed that too Laura. I commented in another thread that a lot of members are just gone. Something happened a few years ago here and a number of really long-term, contributing members disappeared. My Dad was Patience. Well, I was Patience and he stole my account because he was having so much fun here and I shared it with him. I finally signed up again with the rj5156.

Dad passed almost 2 years ago, but I remember he left this site and was really upset about it. He did not have the internet experience to deal with difficult people online, I figured. I know I've seen some pretty snarky stuff and even had indyman, a banned member here harass me on my facebook account. Big site makes a big target for trolls? People get tired of it? Mostly I have stayed in my own thread. I do not have social skills

The media has been industriously dividing our nation for some reason and I see it everywhere. This site should be very busy right now but it appears to be about dead. Spring is just around the corner and homesteaders can't really do a lot outside yet.

I am sad. I joined in 2006 if I recall and have learned a great deal here though I did not participate much for many years. If folks are half as worried about politics as they say they are I would think homesteading would be the hottest topic of all!

This might also have some impact, Oliver posted his farewell here:

Not sure what's going on, some combination of all the above? Hoping that if those of us who are still plugging along keep doing that, the situation might improve. I have looked at site traffic lately. 12 people are viewing the firearms thread right now - but only one is a member, 11 are guests. This is typical of what I see lately. Not followed this closely but this is a big shift in what I have seen. Used to be a lot more members viewing and participating. Just casual observations.

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