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When we think about cultivating a large area we look at unusual crops for our area. We can buy potatoes, corn, onions and so on so cheap it doesn't pay us to fight for them, as you say Backlash. We grow a little bit of that kind of stuff anyway, always looking to find lower maintenance methods - just in case the situation should change.

We plant pepper varities we can't buy to dry, smoke and make fermented hot sauces from them. We grow cooking and medicinal herbs for our own use. We love to grow rainbow radishes and chard. As we get better at growing things that are not available locally we may expand and grow enough to sell some. We like low maintenance and crops we can leverage up in value by fermenting them into a more expensive product.

We planted an orchard last year. Hope to get nut trees and bushes in this year. Got a decent medicinal herb garden in. Be expanding that this year. If we wanted to get a half acre in crops we might plant something like lavender. Lot of ways to imvest a little time and increase the value of the end product a lot. We do have a store front so we could sell it if we wanted to but we are self-employed, we do industrial fabrication and that pays well enough we are not motivated to sell what we can grow.

Instead we make wine and syrups, pickles, chow-chows, kimchi and such. We can a little bit of it, dry some and give a fair amount away in fresh produce, live plant starts and finishes products. It comes back to us in fruits and vegetables we haven't got, farm fresh eggs, odd tools and scrounged materials and so on. Keeps us in touch with our neighbors.
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