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Originally Posted by rj5156 View Post
I remember you. Lot happened in your life pretty fast. Where did you finally end up still in central Indiana? Are you settled now? I am glad to hear that GOOD things were happening!
I 'ran away' from home August 2015, and came back November 2015.
I bottomed out March 2016.
Saw my doc, formulated a plan and started digging out.

Bought a little house in town,(about an hour north of Indy) with a small yard.
My mortgage is HALF what I was paying in rent.
It is indescribable the security your own home brings.

I am still single, and at this time, don't see that changing. Most days I am 100% ok with that!! HA HA

I have some Ash trees I need taken down, then the yard construction begins.
I guess I am going to have to sign up to a photo site to upload my pics so that I can post them here....

God is Good. All the time!!
Do or Do Not. There is no try.
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