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Originally Posted by 12vman View Post
Good to see you, laura. I'm still around and usually check in daily..

Seems that folks are losing the dream and the drive for this lifestyle. Other social media sites and all of the bells and whistles that they provide makes places like this look boring. It's a shame for sure..

Anyhow, I'm still hiding in the woods and running on batteries..
Another site I have been a member for several years has gone down the pooper.
A handful of trolls have managed to run off some very good folks. It's just a shame.

I wish there was a 'homesteading' site, that did not have a 'politics' board, and the mods strictly enforced 'political bickering'.

I was SO excited for the election to be done so that I didn't have to watch all the ads and listen to all the bull poopy. It's worse now. I have no idea where to find real, truthful NEWS.
I submit a "vote of no confidence" (Star Wars reference).

I just want a place where I can share what I know and learn from those who know more than I, in the homesteading, home repair, auto repair world.
Do or Do Not. There is no try.
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