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Default Goodluck with that

I been trying to find ways for educating people myself. I told people not to rely on the school curriculum every school grade children is forced to but nobody seems to care and goes on their lives worried about themselves more than how to get our freedom back on tract. Our kids should not need anymore bachelors requirements or even a high school diploma just to get engineer jobs.

I long given up but I had a fix, I myself can teach mathematics and science and if everyone took advantage of it, we can all be genius and every kid as young as 7 will know enough that it will abolish the education system altogether.

This is just the science and mathematics aspects of it, true history can be learned and encouraged as well. I would love someone with a background to get started on it and highlight the things for all of us to be active learners.

The point being is that we can all take part of it right now. All we need to do is devote our time, get organize and be active so we can be part of a true change. We all can share information of current events. This is a must.

I do not want to see this US fall just because were to stupid enough not to see the lies and manipulation through our mass media through our current president. All it takes is a justification to sign one executive order that implements all the other and bam, gone. This is a big deal.
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