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Originally Posted by Lurch View Post
One thing that I have wondered about is that in order to build a septic system at my place, I first had to get a permit, do a perk test, then hire a licensed and bonded contractor to install it etc. All of this at exceptional expense. But, anyone can throw a dirty diaper into the trash can. Just one of the many mysteries of the universe.
We had to do that in North Texas and what a joke! The "annual" permit was $20 and you had to get a contract with a licensed outfit to maintain it and they kept up the permit. That was usually another $175-$300 per year. To make matters worse they didn't really do anything to maintain it for you (aerobic systems). It was a jacked up system where we were paying someone to keep the local govy from fining us for illegal on site waste water system. Then one of the groups we hired was told repeatedly we do not use any poisons etc due to all the animals. I had some free range chickens die, the symptoms looked like avian influenza so I got in touch with the local agricultural university and ag extention office. turns out those maintenance people saw some fire ants on my place and put poison all around the septic system. My free range chickens ate it.
They admitted to using it but refused to make it right.
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