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It's ok that the cattle, hogs, horses, goats, dogs, cats and chickens, not to mention all the many and a sundry wildlife, can urinate and defecate at will all over the property, but I can't leave my own germs (which I'm obviously already contaminated with) out there, AND I have to pay a large fee, as you all have noted, to sequester it and have it hauled away periodically.

BTW-where do the pros haul it to to dump it?

Bask to the original question:

Note that it is the fate of ALL species to go extinct. Life-span of a species no more than 10million yrs and usually only 1 million. We've only been here 50,000yrs +/-. A mere single heartbeat in the life of the planet.

"Overpopulation" is another ruse being spread by the One World types. In fact:

50% of all people live within 50 miles of an ocean. That means there's one heck of a lot of space left for the other 50% of us.

All 8 Billion of us could tread water in Lake Superior at the same time (except for me. I can't tread water.) with room for another 4 or 5 Billion. We don't take up much space on the planet.

Now that we have fracking, there is no natural resource that's in any danger of being depleted by human activity.( If anyone can think of one, please inform me.)

Manhattan has a population density of 60,000/sq mi. (and they like living like that.) But the biggest problem facing the environment is loss of habitat due to human encroachment. Living in densely populated areas is actually good for the environment-- it saves habitat. Industrial ag also produces more food on fewer acres, saving habitat.

My cousin stopped after having four kids. He had read that every fifth child born is Chinese.
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