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Default Mosquito Free Shack Solar

Decide to add some additions to the wife's skeeter free shack. I purchased a Harbor Freight 45WSolar panel kit, yes better kits are out there but with enough coupons and sales I was able to get it for $99. The ceiling fan did not come with it nor the battery. I purchased it online. The ceiling fan is a 12 volt fan with remote and reversible.

The battery was a trolling battery the largest I could find that would fit in the repurposed tool box that was bought many years ago by the wife for me shipped to Nairobi Kenya at the time and since then came back to the states,shipped to Italy and then back to the states in our household goods. I have since upgraded but just could not part with it. Almost did toss it a couple years ago but did not and as I was walking by it after I bought this kit an idea popped in my head that a battery should just fit in the bottom of it with shelves for storage and the charge controller.

The battery is a group 29C size and 845CA and 114AH. The fan works well although I wish it would spin a little faster on high. The CFL lamps that came with it worked but I replaced them with 12V led and doubled my light output. We seldom use them at night as they do attract bugs but useful if you need to find something or to help clean up. I put my windsock around one of the lights for some ambient lighting as needed.

I did have to adapt the mounting a little bit as this is designed to sit on the ground and not mounted on anything. I used conduit brackets to hold it at the top and for the bottom I used pipe flanges screwed to a board to hold the bottom pvc pipe bracket that I had to cut to fit the angle I wanted. No scientific method for the angle I looked at the sun and moved the panel to where it looked close enough for Seabee work measured the bottom pvc pipe cut it and put it in place.

The first day after I finished the panel was in the shade (evening time) and was producing 14.5V. I did not have a battery hooked up to it at the time

We also left the fan going over night one day but the next morning the battery still had over 12V in it. Overall pleased with it for just messing around with it.

The green fan on top of the battery box is one we used previous that was also 12V (used D size batteries or plug into cigarette lighter, we used one of the 12V jump starters as a power source and it worked well also.

Yes it would have been cheaper just to run a cord from the house and put in a 120V ceiling can and lights in it but where is the fun in that?
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