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That box has plenty of natural ventilation. It does not seal tight when everything is closed down. It also has an extra hole in the back side where the plastic tore instead of being drilled through so the conduit connector did not fit so it required a new hole.

Will keep an eye on the controller. Thanks for the heads up.

We have the wifes I-pod that connects to a speaker that works for us now. Usually we do not have any music playing as we are relaxing reading or just listen to the world go by.

I was surprised at how it was working as there were negative reviews on the product. Maybe I lucked out and just got good panels.

All told it prob ended up costing about $400 dollars by the time I bought the battery, fan and the few hardware items I needed. My neighbors sells golf cart batteries but I did not see the need to invest in those yet until I saw how effective this will be. Its a start to ease the wife into the process. She is happy with it.
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