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The negative reviews on that kit is usually because of higher expectations than the kit can achieve. 45 watts isn't a lot and most folks don't have the panels installed in a prime location (sometimes shady) with proper tilt/angle towards the sun. (Your latitude +15 degrees is a good angle for summer and directly towards the sun at noon with no shade or shadows for at least 6 hrs.)

No need for a larger battery than you have. Even in the best scenario, you might collect 16/18 aHr. in a day. Less on cloudy days. The average amount you collect is the parameter you must work in to avoid discharging the battery too far..

Fun little project. I have a small system that powers my screen porch. 48 watt panel with a C-12 controller and a large marine deep cycle battery, about the same size as the one you are using. Provides lighting and music. I also have a 400 watt inverter connected that I use to power a soldering iron and a hot glue gun to build projects during the summer. The charge controller has a day/night sensor that controls an LED light that comes on at night and provides a sense to open/close my solar powered chicken coop door. Works like a charm..
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