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Reports from MIL, local news, BC Wildfire web sight all are saying most of the initial fires are managed. A number of new fires in surrounding areas, but with equipment and man power in area they are getting a handle on the new issues right away.

One new fire is in a remote area of a big Provincial park. At this time no threat to people or structures. But big news story about people having vacation reservations at camp grounds, restrictions on lake use where air craft are picking up water, and one couples "life time dream" mountaineering adventure trip was interrupted by all this. Umm... Too bad...

Also two articles in local news. A life time crook local to an evacuated area was caught with over $65000 in stolen property. Police in town report in the month evacuees have been in town break and enter and other thefts have nearly doubled from the usual full year amounts at this time of year. Plus all other types of crime numbers are significantly up.

With the hot dry weather as well as fires black bear incident calls are double at over 5000 calls so far. Other predator incident numbers are way up also. Grape vine in our part of the bush says this is an issue here now.
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