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MIL says a word of mouth report that a point of origin has been determined on the fire nearest them. Also one of the larger of many fires in the area. Seems there was a camp site with a number of small propane bottles with bullet holes in them. Two young guys surrendered for that.

Local paper still headlining about property crimes in town being up 20 to 40% over last year this time. This issue is detailing areas of town where the worst numbers occur. Coincidentally this area is right next to the boundary of the college property where most of the fire refugees are housed and the "hood" part of town. I'll leave it to you to put 2 and 2 together.
At most only 10% or so of the refugees have been bused to where they came from.

Wind changed a bit Friday and all day Saturday up the river valley through town and our bush there was a very thick fog of smoke. When the overcast came for the forecast rain it was almost pitch dark at 2pm. Street lights and our automatic yard light came on. Rain was only enough to dampen the grass and wet the dog when he went out. But it did clear a lot of the smoke haze. So far....
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