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Several days this last week have been quite thick with smoke haze. Very bad smelling and very poor visibility. Last night it was overcast and started to drizzle rain. Was that way at day break this morning. Not much total rain. Still dry between the trees in the bush. Not enough moisture to do that good, but not unwelcome.

News says main highway is open again. There are a couple places where one set of lanes or the other set has had the black top burned back to black gravel. Power company has a total of almost 200 kilometers of power and distribution lines to replace. The big phone, internet, and whatever else it is used for sub station was saved. No significant interruptions in those utilities.

In all this mess over all this time there seems to be only one human fatality directly connected to the fires. A car of people stopped on the highway to watch a pair of bears cross the road.. A truck came and hit the car killing one.

The fire officials are saying it will be late fall, early winter before everything is back to some kind of normal. MIL and Aunt L weathered all this quite well considering. But being seasoned bush people they weathered it well with there equipment and supplies. Now to just get grocery and other necessary stores back to "useful" Normal may take some time yet.
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