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I guess the gov't could do just about anything, but I doubt they would bother. They CAN listen too everything you transmit, however, whichever mode you choose. Hams control repeaters as I guess you already know. I haven't heard of GMRS repeaters and don't know if they are even legal. Things to consider would be 1) what distance are you worried about and 2) what situations are you concerned about. Amateur radio is very useful in real disasters and emergencies such as we just had in Texas. It allows you to communicate long distance via HF even if all the phones are down to notify relatives in distant places that you are okay and safe. You cannot do that with GMRS, but GMRS can be used to talk with friends and relatives locally if they are not too far away--Ham VHF bands do the job better, however, since there can be repeaters. Search out a local amateur radio club and talk with them or attend a meeting. In this day and age, most of the Hams are old codgers since younger folks think the internet and phones will always be there--old guys know better and remember when things were simpler. The Ham clubs can tell you about classes and license exams and repeater frequencies and capabilities (some repeaters are more capable than others). I have both just in case....
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