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MIL called the other night just at dinner time to say it is raining there. Not just drizzle but real rain showers. Being a wise cracker I told her to stay in the house and let it hit the ground... snicker.. Rained an evening, night and part of the next day there for a total of about 40-50mm.. (1 1/2-2") I'm not sure how wide spread it was there, but most welcome.

Cautioned her to be mindful of flooding and erosion in places where ground cover is burned. That country is quite thin skinned with top soil over the volcanic rock and such anyway.

Here in our part of the bush, we are getting overnight drizzle and dew. Not much for accumulations as the ground under the forest canopy is still quite dry. But finely getting some of the moisture Doninalaska mentioned coming over the coastal range mountains from the AK peninsula.

Fire danger is not over by any means, but certainly less than at the peak of danger time. Regardless of location, local, regional weather has been my major sounding board for local SHTF issues.
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