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All fire alerts and possible evacuation area boundaries and such were lifted yesterday. I'm sure there are still scouts in place to monitor areas and at least a couple rapid deploy crews close and available if needed. In the last little over a week or so our bush has gotten 2" or more of rain in drizzle and small showers. The ground under the bush canopy is finely damp.

MIL got home last night from a short trip around her area. To the auto supply, farm store, an overnight with her little sister, and other errands not available during the crisis. She told about the kilometers of the divided highway where the blacktop burned to black gravel. Power poles burned to stumps. Livestock fences burned, livestock roaming, moving along the highway in search of graze and home. Quite a foreign looking land.

Recreational camp fire restriction for our district has been lifted. General fire danger still at a very cautious "moderate" level.

Some of the fire officials are still saying it likely will be as late as mid winter before things are 100% extinguished.
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