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I understand the Ruger Hawekeye Rifle does have a slant to the receiver necessitating the different height rings, but this is not a Hawekeye.

I have purchased three sets of rings, but did not realize the last set was also mismatched rings. It was a set of Leupold Super High rings, so now I have ordered a second set of identical Leupold Super High rings in order to have two matching pair and that makes four sets of rings I have purchased to have one working set of rings. But what concerns me more than anything else is their (Ruger's) own published information is absolutely 100% worthless. That is Pathetic!

It's all about the money, one Ruger ring cost anywhere from twice to five times what a set of Weaver rings cost! And they do not hold a scope any more secure than ANY OTHER BRAND of scope rings.
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