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It's not "about the money".
You're buying the wrong rings for the rifle you have.

Leupold rings made to fit many Rugers will also be two different heights, and will work as they should if you ordered them for the correct rifle.

Putting two rings of equal height on many Ruger rifles will not work at all.

You need to contact Ruger and find out which rings are designed for your particular rifle.

this is not a Hawekeye.

I understand the Ruger Hawekeye Rifle does have a slant to the receiver necessitating the different height rings, but this is not a Hawekeye.
I really don't think you do understand.
Telling us what it's not is useless information.

There is no "slant" to the receiver.
There are 2 different heights where the scope rings mount.

The problem isn't the design of the Ruger rings.
It seems to be strictly operator error.

But what concerns me more than anything else is their (Ruger's) own published information is absolutely 100% worthless. That is Pathetic!
Their published information is 100% correct.
You're just not reading the information for your particular rifle.

I've told you more than once how to easily resolve the problem, and it's not by continuing to buy the wrong rings.
You're going to end up with a damaged scope and lots of worthless mounts you don't need.

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