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Bearfootfarm, I have made a thorough search of all the Ruger rifles and there were more with stepped bases than I realized, however my rifle DOES NOT have stepped bases, and I am not as #@*)&(% STUPID as you think!

I will acknowledge when I stated a "slant to the receiver" my descriptive grammar was poorly considered, and certainly lacking in clarity. The term "offset^" would have been a much better choice. So I will give you a free pass at your inference of my ignorance for that one.

Let me repeat that over again one more time**, so you will have something else to complain about my intelligence, my rifle DOES NOT have offset or stepped bases. I have known that from the get go! However you kept insisting, I DID NOT UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM, and proved you are not omnipresent with your insistence the rings were not the problem, but rather how I was mounting and/or using them was the problem. Insisting you knew better how to solve the problem with advice that was not even remotely applicable to my particular rifle did not particularly endear yourself, nor does it give one any hint of an indication that you are an Einstein either.

The Leupold Super High #49954 rings says nothing anywhere on the package about having two different height rings in the package, although it proudly proclaims them to be (1.150), and any normal person would consider that to mean both rings were 1.150 in height. The package is at the least false and misleading, with its present labeling, if it is not also illegally labeled! Otherwise the package would state whatever each individual ring actually measured, so the purchaser truthfully knows there are two different height rings being purchased. I was a victim of Leupold's vague & misleading labeling I admit, but had the Leupold package been properly labeled with ALL the information necessary to make an intelligent purchase, I would not have been suckered into the purchase of their products. But the next time I purchase a set of scope rings, you & Leupold can both rest assured, I will remember their products have vague, false and misleading labeling. Trick me once shame on you, trick me twice shame on me! I purchased the second set of the Leupold Ruger Super High #49954 rings so I would have a set of matching height rings, actually in this case two sets. You do remember my rifle DOES NOT HAVE STEPPED OR OFFSET BASES?

Ruger also has some extremely misleading published information concerning their rings when they clearly state their #4 ring mounts will handle scope up to a 42 mm objective lens, when I clearly had to have the equivalent of their #6 scope mounts just to get clearance for a 40 mm objective lens, although the #6 rings are reported to handle up to a 62 mm objective lens. I am especially happy I did not purchase the scope with the 56 mm objective lens, because it would have never mounted on my rifle, without having some very special scope mounts manufactured for its height.

And YES, the new scope DOES HAVE A 42 mm OBJECTIVE LENS, it says so on the box, the scope itself and it's objective lens matches the diameter of another scope I have not mounted which also states on itself and its box it has a 40 mm objective lens. So no the scope is not mislabeled with the incorrect size objective lens!

And finally before you jump to conclusions about my rifle having been modified or customized in some shape, form or fashion, rest assured IT IS 1000% FACTORY ORIGINAL IN EVERY WAY!!!!!

** a high school classmate would ask our English teacher that question, receive a 30 minute lecture and once she finished her lecture about the improper grammar usage, he would ask her to please repeat that over again one more time Mrs Smith#, so I thoroughly understand the concept. She finally caught on to the fact he was leading her on a rabbit chase which never resulted in catching any rabbits. So who was the smarter, the student or the teacher?

Next time you wish to thoroughly educate some ignorant fool in the proper procedures of how to solve a problem, you need to understand the problem, yourself.

offset^ = as being, in two separate geometrical planes.

Mrs. Smith# - The name was changed to protect the guilty!

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