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Bearfootfarm, I have made a thorough search of all the Ruger rifles and there were more with stepped bases than I realized, however my rifle DOES NOT have stepped bases, and I am not as #@*)&(% STUPID as you think!
And yet you keep buying the wrong rings for your rifle.

The Leupold Super High #49954 rings says nothing anywhere on the package about having two different height rings in the package, although it proudly proclaims them to be (1.150), and any normal person would consider that to mean both rings were 1.150 in height.
They are both 1.150 in height when mounted on the correct rifle, and measured in the proper manner.

Leupold Ruger M77 Ring Mounts 1" Super High Black 49954
Leupold designed these ring mounts in various sizes so you can mount any Leupold scope on a Ruger #1, M77, or 77/22 rifle.
Unless you're trying to mount those rings on a Ruger #1, a Model 77 or a 77/22, you've spent lots of money on the wrong mounts for your rifle.

You still haven't said what rifle model you have.
That's the only model that matters.

Once more, if you would simply contact Ruger with your model number and scope objective lens diameter, they will tell you which rings fit.

It won't be any of the ones you've bought so far.

Insisting you knew better how to solve the problem with advice that was not even remotely applicable to my particular rifle did not particularly endear yourself, nor does it give one any hint of an indication that you are an Einstein either.
You don't know my advice isn't applicable because you haven't taken it at all.
You haven't really given anyone any data to work with since you keep telling us what rifle you don't have.

Next time you wish to thoroughly educate some ignorant fool in the proper procedures of how to solve a problem, you need to understand the problem, yourself.

offset^ = as being, in two separate geometrical planes.
I understand the problem very well.
You're buying the wrong rings for your rifle.
Product Description

Leupold Super High #49954
Leupold Ring mounts are designed to accommodate those firearms that have unique integral mounting systems, such as the Ruger 77, #1 and 77/22 models.

For the Ruger Model 77, standard ring mounts are available in both 1" and 30mm diameter models. The Ruger #1 and 77/22 employ the same ringmounts.
I'm not claiming to be Einstein, but I have been shooting for 60 years and spent 6 years working in a gun shop dealing with this sort of thing every day.

If you still think you know more about it though, just keep buying rings that don't work until you mismatch a set that makes you happy.

It's your money being wasted, not mine.

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