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Originally Posted by Bearfootfarm View Post
You've gone on for days now and still haven't said what rifle you actually own.
You need to know nothing more than it is a Ruger, THAT DOES NOT HAVE STEPPED BASES. If you can not understand that, no one should ever feel safe with you having a weapon in hand.

Boasting of working in a sporting goods store for 6 years you would make one think you had became a MASTER GUNSMITH, but I am beginning to understand the only thing you know how to do is phone someone else for advise on how to do things. Call Ruger, Call Ruger, Call Ruger, Call Leupold, Call Leupold, Call Leupold..... Your just a broke record. And for the record, I did phone Leupold, but the genius I spoke with there could do nothing more than provide inventory or model numbers for their scope rings. He apparently hadn't a clue to what they fit. I bet you & he could make a perfect pair.

I have installed quite a number of scopes over the years and never previously encountered a problem.

I have tried to be nice previously, BUT why don't you just take a flying leap out the tenth floor window trying to catch a rolling donut. It might improve your understanding of things.

Don't bother replying, because I probably will not be back to see anything more. A few people here I have enjoyed visiting, unfortunately most of them have already departed, because of jerks like you. There are a couple still remaining I will miss. But largely because of all the smug, egotistical, cocky, presumptuous, wise guys like you on their own self-serving, all important ego trips this forum is actual D-E-A-D, it just has not been buried yet.

When there is no one else left to have any dialogue with, enjoy talking to yourself in the mirror.......
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